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BetMakers Celebrates Aligned Business Focus as Global Tote Restructure Culminates

BetMakers, is marking a significant milestone as the completion of the Global Tote restructure aligns with the company’s strategic business objectives. The successful restructuring of Global Tote stands as proof to BetMakers’ resolute commitment to streamlining its operations and fortifying its position as a prominent player in the ever-evolving landscape of the global betting and gaming market.

The culmination of the Global Tote restructure not only underscores BetMakers’ dedication to enhancing its operational efficiency and market competitiveness but also highlights the company’s proactive approach in optimizing its business focus to meet the dynamic needs of the global gaming industry. With a renewed emphasis on innovation, technology, and customer-centric solutions, BetMakers is well-positioned to leverage its restructured framework and propel its growth trajectory within the highly competitive and rapidly evolving betting and gaming sector.

The company’s restructure plans, initiated in May last year, targeted a reduction in costs, leading to a reduction in its total staff headcount to approximately 440. Amidst the successful restructure, BetMakers has achieved significant milestones, securing contract extensions with key clients, including Penn Entertainment, Pointsbet, Dabble, and 888, underscoring the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering long-term partnerships and delivering innovative solutions that drive customer value and engagement.

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Notably, BetMakers has made significant strides in advancing its technological capabilities, with ongoing testing on an embedded tote solution for point-of-sale wagering with Caesars in Nevada nearing completion. The company anticipates a successful go-live before the end of the calendar year, signifying a significant advancement in its technology-driven offerings and market expansion initiatives.

Looking ahead, BetMakers remains focused on further enhancing its cost base and cash performance, with an emphasis on sustainable growth and operational excellence. Matt Davey, BetMakers’ executive chair, highlights the company’s strong progress in simplifying its operating model and reducing costs, laying a robust foundation for future scalability and profitability within the competitive global betting landscape.

“The quarter marked one of further progress for the company. We continued to focus on reducing and normalising the cost base and simplifying the operating model. The restructure of the US operations is now complete. This provides a strong footing to build further scale in the US in a profitable way.”

The company’s financial performance in Q1 reflects its continued growth trajectory, with a 9.3% increase in revenue to $26.1 million, driven by robust customer acquisition and innovative technological advancements. The substantial reduction in underlying EBITDA loss by 88.2% to $767,000 further underscores BetMakers’ steadfast commitment to achieving operational excellence and sustained profitability in the global betting and gaming market.

As BetMakers celebrates the successful completion of the Global Tote restructure, the company remains dedicated to advancing its strategic initiatives and pioneering transformative solutions that redefine the standards of excellence within the global betting and gaming industry. With a continued focus on innovation, technology, and customer empowerment, BetMakers is set to chart a dynamic and progressive path, shaping the future of the betting and gaming sector through its unwavering commitment to operational excellence and customer-centric innovation.

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