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Paco’s Run with Bitcoin journey in Africa

40 Countries 400 Days

If you are involved in any way in the world of crypto then the name Paco de la India rings a bell. The adventurist and self-proclaimed world runner is involved with a project he calls run with Bitcoin. This is a project he personally started 6 months ago upon which he is planning to run through 40 countries in 400 days spreading the gospel of cryptocurrency and most importantly advocating for Bitcoin adoption. Yes! you got that right, in the next one year and a month or so, Paco will be running with Bitcoin across the globe. Paco Bitcoin

Paco recalls when a friend gave him the book “The Bitcoin Standard” by Saifedean Ammous. After reading this book his perspective of the fiat currency was changed completely to a point of believing that all nations should adopt the use of bitcoin as an official currency. This also inspired the run with the Bitcoin marathon.

Last week, Paco ran through our office and had an over-the-table talk with our Co-founder Jeremiah Maangi. Paco who was accompanied by Rufas Kamau, Research and Markets analyst at ScopeMarkets Kenya believes that the potential for bitcoin adoption in Africa is one of the best in the world. He openly states that he has been able to pay for almost all his services with bitcoin. He has been in bookshops, hotels, and restaurants and has been able to pay with bitcoin easily.

Paco together with his counterpart Rufas Kamau were delighted to talk about Cryptocurrencies and the benefits that come with it. They were also very happy to receive original Arsenal and Southampton Jerseys courtesy of and, the top crypto betting platforms in Africa.

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Cryptocurrency is a digital means of payment that can be used the same way as fiat currencies. Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency and by far the strongest in terms of value, Paco explains. He also adds that there are over 1600 cryptocurrencies in the world right now.

The only challenge he has faced so far in the country is in the transport sector. Many PSVs are not accepting bitcoin payments. He observed that this is an area Kenya as a country can improve on. With increased mass usage of crypto, it is only a matter of time before you pay for your bus fare with crypto. 

Paco believes in an Africa bound together by Bitcoin, it’s one of his missions as he runs around preaching the bitcoin gospel, he has held seminars and engaged with radio stations to ensure that the word gets heard. it is his plan that before he leaves Africa he will build a community of bitcoin bound together people who will continue the preaching. so far he is doing great. It is on his plan that one-day Africans hold a blockchain conference made for Africans by Africans in Africa.

According to Paco, next after Kenya, he plans on visiting Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, and Nigeria. Paco Bitcoin

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  1. Congrats Paco for everything you are doing and moreso appreciating and using bitcoin.For sure bitcoin is the future

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