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Swahili Esports Championship 2023

The inaugural edition of Swahili Esports Championship, a gaming and pop culture competition, will be held in Nairobi, Kenya on November 18 and 19 2023. It will take place in the hub of the Naiccon Convention.

A $2500 prize pool will be available for female players from eight African countries who will compete in the Tekken 7 games led by esports legend Queen Arrow. The event is being organized by SAGES Africa in association with the French embassy in Kenya and Naiccon.

Before the event, there will be a stakeholders conference which will include industry leaders and gamers across the globe. Among them will be the president of the France Esports Confederation and the President of the Confederation of Electronic Sports Associations in Africa.

The competition will provide a forum to refute prevalent misconceptions about esports and highlight the professionalism and managerial expertise of Kenyan esports organizations.

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It will also highlight how esports may help Kenya become a center for international events that draw tourists, investors, and short-term opportunities for employment.

Kenya will also receive international media coverage from the championship, highlighting the potential of esports to raise Kenya’s profile internationally and promote the country as a top destination for conferences and events. Swahili Esports Championship 2023

Along with encouraging growth and competence within the local esports community, the event provides local esports administrators with a rare chance to learn important lessons from worldwide industry professionals.s

The Swahili Esports Championship has the ability to make a lasting impression in addition to its immediate effects. By motivating the next generation to enter the esports industry and promoting collaborative investments, Kenya is setting the stage for a robust esports ecosystem.

Source: Ronny Lusigi

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