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Ben Haden Applauds IAGR 2023 Organizers, Sets Pla on Vision as New President

The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) has a new president at its helm, Ben Haden, who recently penned his first message to the organization’s members.

In his note, Haden expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve as president and his commitment to the mission of IAGR.

Haden began by reflecting on the success of the recent conference held in Botswana. He acknowledged the efforts of the conference’s speakers and panelists, praising them for sharing their time, insights, and expertise.

He also acknowledged the attendees, emphasizing their active participation and engagement as key factors in the conference’s success.

The President expressed his appreciation to the Botswana Gambling Authority, the hosts of the conference, for providing an experience that went beyond the conference halls. He applauded the vibrant cultural aspects of the event, such as the food, dance, and music, which showcased Botswana’s rich heritage. Ben Haden IAGR

Haden also noted the warm weather, which contributed to the unforgettable nature of the conference.

Haden extended his thanks to the conference sponsors and partners, highlighting the morning seminar organized by GLI as an additional value for attendees. He acknowledged the support and contributions of these entities, which helped make the conference a success.

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Looking ahead to 2024, Haden expressed his optimism about the opportunities that await IAGR members. He emphasized the organization’s commitment to fostering knowledge-sharing and collaboration, recognizing that the collective expertise of its members is its greatest strength.

By leveraging this expertise, Haden believes that meaningful change can be achieved in the world of gaming regulation.

In closing, Haden eagerly anticipated the upcoming IAGR2024 conference in Rome, describing it as another enriching experience. He encouraged IAGR members to attend the event, underscoring the potential for further growth and development in their professional lives.

Haden’s first message as President of IAGR thus highlighted his commitment to advancing the organization’s mission and his appreciation for the collective efforts that make their initiatives successful.

He expressed optimism for the future and invited members to actively engage in upcoming opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Ben Haden IAGR

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