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FUFA And BetPawa Partners in Football Development

On Wednesday, September 6, FUFA and BetPawa Uganda signed a historic agreement that would make the latter Uganda’s official football partner. The deal is worth 1.1 billion Uganda Shillings (320,000 USD).

This historic partnership with the FA was announced at a celebration hosted at the Fairway Hotel in Kampala. It promises to change the face of Ugandan football. It represents a shared dedication to developing homegrown talent, enhancing the fan experience, and raising football standards across Uganda.

We are thrilled to collaborate with FUFA in accelerating the growth of Ugandan football. This partnership is a significant investment in our local players and teams, and together, we can enhance the experience for fans and players alike. We are creating more opportunities for all those involved in Ugandan football.

Ntoudi Mouyelo, Managing Director at Mchezo Africa

The official debut of three sponsored properties for the FUFA 23/24 season—FUFA Drum, the betPawa BIG League, and the betPawa Futsal League—will be marked by the signing ceremony for this game-changing relationship.

This partnership marks a pivotal moment for Ugandan football. It is more than just financial support; it is a firm pledge to the future of our beloved sport, a promise to double down on our shared vision for progress.

Moses Hassim Magogo, FUFA President

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The main objectives of this partnership are to develop new careers in Ugandan football, to enliven and strengthen current fan bases while extending their reach across the country, and to inspire players with the Locker Room Bonus.

Under this partnership, we are introducing the Locker Room Bonus, which offers players fast and direct benefits. The players who make the squad list per match will receive cash tokens sent to their phones after the game if their team wins. We are setting aside 25% of the value of this partnership towards this LRB.

Ntoudi Mouyelo

Awards for the top goalkeeper, coach, player of the season, most assists, and young player of the season are among the benefits offered by the futsal competition.

In the Big League, which is one of the four teams that receive promotion to the nation’s top-tier league at the conclusion of each season, comparable award categories backed by betPawa will be presented, along with an overall token for the league’s winning team.

Source: FUFA

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