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Tanzania Lawmakers Angered by Samia Suluhu’s Budget Allocation for Sports

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – Lawmakers were disappointed yesterday by the allocation of a smaller budget for the Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Sports despite President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s desire to strengthen the sector. Tanzania Lawmakers Sports

The MPs expressed regret that the assigned budget does not match the President’s vision, even if the authorized budget for the financial year 2023/24 has not been cut from the one approved for the financial year 2022/23.

Legislators were concerned that spending restrictions would impede the nation’s efforts to strengthen its sports, art, and culture.

In her speech, Dr. Pindi Chana addressed some of the problems raised by the TSh35.445 billion request made from the TSh35.425 billion allowed in the fiscal year 2022/23. Tanzania Lawmakers Sports

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The minister observed that one of the challenges with the success attained in 2022–2023 was the flow of financial needs that were out of sync with the needs of the ministry, particularly for development initiatives.

The limited budget has been a challenge compared to the large directives to carry out national, regional and international activities. There has also been a shortage of work tools, including vehicles, on the part of the Ministry and its institutions.

noted Dr Chana.

The ministry’s budget, according to Anatropia Lwehikila (Special Seats-CCM), is inadequate. She also noted that the ministry was being held to a low standard by the budget’s austerity.

What can you do with Sh35.4 billion in this ministry? She inquired. We have also seen that the budget that was approved last year has not been released at 100 percent. We should know that sports and culture are two of the sectors that can help us get foreign currency and deal with the unemployment scourge. Tanzania Lawmakers Sports

she said.

The President has asked the government and other stakeholders to invest more in the soft power that comes from sports, art, and culture, according to Mussa Ramadhani Sima (Singida Urban Legislator-CCM), noting that the President has the desire to improve the sector.

But the challenge I see here is the budget,” he said. “The development funds that are the main key for the ministry have dropped from Sh15 billion last year to Sh11 billion. What is the basic reason used to reduce these funds? The ministry of Finance should work on this… We all rely on this ministry to create a good environment for Tanzanians. We need to even have a supplementary budget to support this ministry.

he further stated.

Mr. Shaban Taletale (Morogoro South East Constituency-CCM) stated the same thing, saying that despite the ministry carrying the nation’s image, it was embarrassing because it had a smaller budget than any other ministry. Tanzania Lawmakers Sports

“As a country, we must look at how this ministry will get money. Today, as we speak, there is a ministry with a budget of more than Sh3 trillion. This is a shame for this ministry and the government,” he explained. “If we want to help the President positively, we must look at where we are stuck and what our mission is, including making betting games under the Ministry of Sports. Of the Sh35.445 billion that the ministry requested yesterday, salaries had Sh9.65 billion, recurrent expenditures had Sh13.8 billion, and Development Projects Sh11.83 billion. For the 2022/23 budget, Salaries were allocated Sh8.2 billion, recurrent expenditures Sh11.39 billion, and Development Projects Sh15.8 billion. Tanzania Lawmakers Sports

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