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What the betting Industry in Africa wants!

Africa is by far the fastest-growing gaming market globally, it is maybe second to Latin America. On its own Africa’s gaming space is projected to be the biggest by 2050 as the continent will be home to the youngest population in the world and by then it will be close to 80% developed. Some of the key factors propelling the rampant growth in the continent include; the rampant internet penetration of the continent. Even the great billionaire Elon Musk has his internet-providing company, Star link now venturing into the African continent. There is a massive smartphone penetration in Africa as well. It’s estimated that close to 75% of the 1.4 billion Africans now have access to a smartphone. Actually, 95% of African gamers use their mobile phones to gamble or play games. Digitalization and modernization in Africa are at their peak and the number of gamers with it.

When it comes to the sports betting arena, the continent is open to online retail and casino betting which are seeing incredible returns from the massive players here. The continent has a median age of 19.7 years and young adults provide an amble market for sports betting. This can be well identified in countries like South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria where researchers have found out that almost all the adults in the country have in one way or another other placed a bet in the last six months or so.

In an exclusive interview with Tumaini Maligana, country manager, Betika Tanzania, Tumaini states the following when answering the same question being tackled in the article below:

 I would say they really need a fast and simple product and again they would need the best customer experience. Speaking of best customer experience, it means the whole customer experience should be simple and it shouldn’t take much time for a customer to place a single bet. So we focus all the way from the first deposit to how many seconds a client can place a single bet or can find the games. Speaking of the product which can work well in Tanzanian market, it means that you need to come up with a simple lite and well-arranged interface that could make punters ways of placing bets easier. This is the main thing.

Providers and operators, therefore, need to understand that the African market is huge and is one of the hardest markets to tame. This leads us to the question, what are the keys to taming the mammoth gamers to use and fall in love with your platform?

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Fast deposits and withdrawals. 

Players in Africa are fascinated with sites that make it easy to add money to and withdraw winnings from their online gaming accounts. We now understand that investing in this is the best option for a business considering or already operating in Africa. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to keep gamers on your site if the deposit and withdrawal channels are not operating as quickly as they should be.

Product Presentation.

This is another key item that an operator or a provider should consider before presenting their product in the market. One thing to keep in mind is that western themed products will not work in the African market. Africa loves their own. From the appearance to the colors of your platform. A good platform should have bright colors most notably in the African market yellow, blue and black does wonder.

Customer Support/Experience. 

As Jeremiah Maangi, Managing Director of Bizin Africa group said, “A happy customer will come back with a friend,” this is the case in most African betting markets. Don’t be surprised to know that customers in Africa move in crowds. Most players decide where to place their bets based on reviews and what they hear from their colleagues about their experiences with bookies. It is therefore true to say that customer service and experience have a role to play when it comes to players choosing a sportsbook of their choice.

Ease of access and navigation.

A platform that is easy to navigate and light will be key to success. Is your platform light and compatible with African phones that are not so fast and the internet network is not one of the best? Note that we are still in the era of 3G and 4G. 5G is still slowly getting its place. How easy can gamers and players find the sports to bet on your homepage? Most players will look for home/away draw, goals, and over as the best options to stake on. If the platform isn’t easily accessible to these options they might consider other firms.

Easy to play and lite e-games/Virtual games.

As an operator, you need to add virtual and casino games to your website for the diverse market in the continent. Not all players are in for sports betting, some are in for the quick cash that virtuals, casinos/slots, and esports offer. Lucky for you at Igaming Afrika you can get a list of the best games such as greyhound, horse races, lotteries, esports, crash games, and many more that will guarantee engagement every 3 to 4 minutes. Talk to us.

Live streaming services.

Eight out of ten gamblers in Africa now participate in live sports betting every time they wager. To get a good share of the market, it is very necessary to have Sports games on your platform. The world cup is here less than 5 days away, what better way to encourage your players to play on your platform than giving them access to live streaming options as they bet on these games on your site? This feature will certainly make the punters spend more time and money on your sports betting site.  Talk to us and we will help you in giving your customers access to countless matches worldwide as they place bets on your site. Interestingly, a one-month trial period is available.

Relatable brand. 

A marketing wizard will tell you the importance of branding, from the brand name, to the brand logo and colors. All these play a role in marketing. They actually make the work of the graphics and marketing teams at the company to effectively carry out their various promotion, design and advertising campaigns. It is also key that the brand name picked is well relatable with the audience being targeted. Proper research is needed for one to effectively identify the right brand Kit for your company betting company in Africa. Check out some purely African betting domains on

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