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Raising the Bar for Casino Gaming in Africa

The African gambling market has been growing enormously in the last couple years. While sports betting may be the major form of gambling, casino gaming seems to have ripped off the brakes and is catching up closely. But that’s not all, the continent is also producing some notable gaming content studios, and one that stands out is Shacks Evolution Studios. Although founded in 2020, this gaming studio has a team with years of experience in the iGaming industry. It has designed some pretty exciting titles worth being in the lobby of every top online casino in Africa and the rest of the world. But what makes this gaming brand unique, and what can be expected from it in years to come?

The Ideology Behind the Brand

Like every top gaming provider, the ideology behind Shacks Evolution Studios stems from a desire to help bettors enjoy the best gambling experience through the provision of well-tailored localized and exciting games. Most African online gaming sites are powered by foreign providers who have little or no focus on games that are local to Africans. And while there is no disputing that these international game providers are playing a huge role in the growth of the continent’s online gambling industry, the need for indigenous games that bettors can relate to is pretty important. This is where Shacks Evolution comes in – to rival international casino game providers and promote relatable African games at home and abroad.

The Shacks Evolution Portfolio

Shacks Evolution has done pretty well for a relatively new casino game software provider. Presently, it has seven games in its library, some of which have become a favorite among casino gamers. Notable is Busly, a crash game that tends to imitate the common issues with public bus transportation. The game offers daily, weekly and monthly jackpots, giving bettors a chance to win big while enjoying the thrill of playing.

Apart from Busly, Shacks Evolution’s other exciting titles are:

  • Next Evolution Soccer – A mobile-based virtual football game that offers a similar experience to real sports betting.
  • Penaldo – A penalty shootout game where players pick their favorite African country and score goals to win.
  • Keno – A specialty game that allows gamers to choose ten numbers and win based on how many correct numbers they could match after the game’s random selection.
  • Citadel – A fortress-themed game where bettors choose safe blocks to escape and win.
  • Reel Wheel – A wheel of fortune game with the goal to bet on a number, spin the wheel, and hope the pointer lands on the selected number to win.
  • Crash Lite – A sequel to Busly but adapted with social functions allowing players to interact with each other.
  • Coin Toss – A flipping coin game that is determined by Heads or Tails.
  • Diced – A dice game illustrated by 3 dice and outcomes of Even or Odd numbers to determine winning.
  • Spin The Bottle – A bottle game where players can determine if when the botle spins, it would end Up or Down.

All Shacks Evolution games are available in demo mode on the developer’s site as a way to test the features and understand their gameplay. Besides, they come with configurable options for online casinos looking to integrate them with their existing game selection. Apart from these few titles, the provider claims it is working on more fantastic games to be released soon.

Shacks Evolution Games Stand Out

Despite being a start-up brand currently bootstrapping and looking for funding, the quality of games Shacks Evolution competes well with some industry giants. The games come with a relatively high Return to Player (RTP) rate (between 85% and 95%) and enough house edge to make it worthwhile for casinos. Besides, they are lightweight, compatible with almost every device, and require low bandwidth, making them perfect for all caliber of players.

Security is essential in online gambling, and the best betting brands only partner with trusted developers with safe and fair games. This explains why Shacks Evolution has spent a lot of time, money, and energy creating products built on state-of-the-art technologies. It is safe to say that the brand passed all the checks of a typical safe casino gaming company, and its games have been verified by independent audit agencies and verifiers. This puts the brand in the same box as top foreign game providers.

Playing safe games means that bettors can rest assured that they stand a fair chance to win as the Random Number Generators (RNGs) of the games are not rigged. And this is what Shacks Evolution has paid attention to – fairness and loads of entertainment.

When asked about the intention and target of the brand, the Products and Commercial Manager, Akinlaja Ayofemi, pointed out that Shacks Evolution Studios focus on making its games available to the retail market in Africa while also tapping into the global gambling market.

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Who Is Shacks Evolution Studios?

Simply put, Shacks Evolution Studios is a new top African iGaming solutions company that focuses on creating localized gaming content that appeals to Africans and the entire world. The brand offers customization services to integrate gambling brands into their game lines while also providing cross-platform solutions for both online and physical betting platforms.

Located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, Shacks Evolution intends to change the gaming scene by building a global tech infrastructure and developing exciting games that, in a way, speak the African and international cultures.

The Future of Shacks Evolution

Although it is early to make any assumptions, Shacks Evolution Studios has positioned itself as capable of joining the market leaders and taking a big share of the casino and gambling scene. The company has had remarkable growth in just two years of operation, evident in the number of games already in its library. Speaking on what to expect from the brand in the future, the team promises more games to be added as the game designers and developers are constantly thinking out of the box to create games that every player, both old and young, would love.

Shacks Evolution is currently bootstrapping, which is impressive considering its present achievements. Should the casino game development brand get the funding it needs, it won’t be a surprise to see it dominate the African gaming market in years to come.

What do you think about this new casino game provider? Can it truly compete with the industry giants?

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