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Review: 568win Leads the Retail Betting Kiosk Revolution

568win is pioneering a new era in retail betting kiosks, providing comprehensive land-based betting solutions that significantly enhance partner revenue and deliver an engaging betting experience for players.

What sets 568win apart is its cost-effectiveness, with solutions priced at just 10% of conventional alternatives.

Self-Service Betting Terminals

The self-service betting terminals offered by 568win are designed with a cost-effective setup, utilizing a TV box and a standard TV. Key features include:

  • QR Code Betting Slip: Players can scan a QR code to receive their betting slip, eliminating the need for printed tickets.
  • Versatile Betting Options: The terminals support both non-live and live sports betting, including multiples betting.
  • Seamless Player Upgrade: Players can easily upgrade from anonymous status to full online account holders.

Cashier App

568win also provides a robust Cashier APP program tailored for land-based betting shops, featuring:

  • Efficient Order Confirmation: Cashiers can quickly scan the QR code on a mobile phone to confirm orders.
  • Payout Processing: The app facilitates the processing of payouts for winning tickets.
  • Player Registration and Transactions: Cashiers can register players, as well as handle deposit and withdrawal transactions.

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Also Bet On Slot

In addition to betting terminals, 568win offers an exclusive feature for slot machine enthusiasts:

  • External Slot Machine Buttons: This feature provides an immersive gaming experience, supporting multiple types of games with just one device.

SBO Sports Features

568win’s platform also integrates comprehensive SBO Sportsbook features, enhancing its appeal and reliability:

  • Diverse Sports and Betting Options: Offers over 30 sports, 25 betting options, and 4 types of odds (EU, HK, MY, ID).
  • Advanced Risk Control System: The latest risk control system ensures stable business growth, with sports margins between 4-8% over the past year.
  • Proven Experience: With more than 20 years of operating experience, 568win’s platform is highly trusted by customers and players.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Available in both English and Chinese, ensuring support is always accessible.


568win is revolutionizing the retail betting kiosk industry by offering innovative, cost-effective solutions that enhance the betting experience for players and increase revenue for partners. With self-service betting terminals, a comprehensive Cashier APP, immersive slot machine features, and a robust sports betting platform, 568win sets a new standard in land-based betting solutions. The inclusion of advanced risk control systems and 24/7 customer support further solidifies its position as a trusted and reliable partner in the betting industry.

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