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Gambler Threatens to Sue Betika Over Unpaid Winnings

A Betika gambler who played on the company’s virtual games betting platform, says he won Sh477,590 and has given the company 24 hours to pay the winnings or risk having him sue them in court.

Through his attorney Isaac Okinyo, Nelson Melly communicated with the gambling company and demanded payment of the funds prior to the conclusion of the specified period. Betika gambler court

Additionally, the gambler’s attorney has protested in writing to the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) and the Data Protection Agency (DTA) about Betika’s purported access to the gambler’s account information in order to place bets on other teams in order to offset the amount he won.

You have refused and continue to refuse to pay our client his bet amount of Ksh477,590/= (four hundred and seventy-seven thousand, five hundred and ninety).

You have gone ahead and accessed and illegally used our client’s account to bet for other teams to justify the loss of the amount won. We have separately raised this issue with the DTA and the BCLB.

Mr Okinyo’s letter reads in part.

Melly, a frequent user of the site, claims that he placed a virtual bet on October 16, 2023, at around five in the morning, spending Sh113,712, and won the money that was up for grabs. However, the corporation has not yet paid him.

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In order to resolve the issue of damages owed to Mr. Melly in an amicable manner, Mr. Okinyi has instructed the company to acknowledge liability within the next day October 18, 2023.

Melly has given his attorney instructions to sue the corporation in court and demand payment in the event that interests fail to pay.

Take notice that unless we receive your written admission of liability within the next one day from the date herein, we have mandatory instructions to institute legal proceedings against you for recovery to protect our client’s interest at your own risk to the sequel costs. Be Advised accordingly.

Okinyo states in the letter.

The letter dated October 18 is copied to the BCLB and the DTA.

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