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Any Operator Who is Successful Abroad is looking into Africa – Eman Pulis, Founder, SiGMA Group

Eman Pulis, Founder of the SiGMA Group, highlighted the immense potential of the African gaming market for successful players in the industry.

In an exclusive interview with iGaming AFRIKA, he emphasized that most operators who have achieved success in other regions, such as Latin America, Asia, Europe, North America, are now looking to Africa.

“Any operator who is successful in Latam, Asia, Europe, North America, they are looking into Africa,” Pulis said.

Eman Pulis also praised the steps being taken by the African continent to promote a healthy gaming industry. He noted that regulation is being implemented across multiple countries, which previously lacked regulation for the gaming industry.

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“Regulation is happening in Africa, country by country, more and more governments are realizing that regulation is the way to go,” he added.

In addition to regulation, Pulis stressed the importance of engaging local brands through strategic collaborations in the process of doing business across different locations. The SiGMA Group has been organizing gaming conferences globally and has found success in partnering with local brands.

Pulis also spoke about the need for brands to provide opportunities to more women in the industry. He attributed much of their company’s success to their decision to give opportunities to women in their organization.

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