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Aviator by Spribe: Full Game Review

Prepare for take-off and cruise through the sky of wins when you place your bet in Spribe’s Aviator game online. This crash game will have you soaring through amazing win multipliers in a social, multiplayer game of chance. Aviator Spribe

Check below our review of the aviator crash game from Spribe.

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If this is the first time you’ve heard of this fan favourite, here’s everything you need to know from the game mechanics down to the best strategies to snatch the biggest win. Get ready to win multipliers up to 1,000,000x your bet and know all about Spribe’s Aviator.

What is Aviator game: Everything you need to know

Aviator casino games will take you to new heights with its increasing multiplier curve while giving you the thrill of figuring out when the high would start crashing. Its social multiplayer feature allows you to enjoy a fun and interactive time with other punters. 

Learn more about the game’s features, bets, bonuses and how Aviator game works below:

How to play Aviator 

Just like any other crash game, Aviator is a fun game that even beginners can try due to its simple game mechanics that even beginners can follow. It starts by knowing the minimum and maximum wager amounts for the game, which are 0.1 USDT to 100 USDT respectively. 

To know how to win the Aviator game, follow the step-by-step guide you can follow to begin your take-off:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to place a bet. You can place two at the same time for increased wins. 
  2. Once your bets are placed, the aeroplane begins taking off while passing through multiple coefficients.  
  3. Cash out your wins before the plane flies away with your wager. Then repeat the game if you want to try again. 

Game features

Spribe’s Aviator offers a wide array of features that add thrill and security to your gamble. Take a look at the features below before you take off in your aeroplane in Aviator: 

Provably fair 

Aviator Spribe gaming uses provably fair technology to reassure you that all the results in the game are unbiased. This cryptographic technology makes it impossible for any third-party software to interfere with the game process, therefore guaranteeing 100% fairness in the game result. 

The Aviator game algorithm also uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine when the plane would crash in the game. 

Fun mode 

Spribe’s Aviator is available in Fun Mode, allowing you to play without placing a bet. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to get familiar with the game and its features.  

In-game chat 

Aviator is one of the few games online that allows you to maintain the liveliness of a real casino experience by giving you the option to interact with other players through the active chat log for live bets, statistics and also free bets. 

Live bets 

This tab reveals the active bets of other players in the game along with the multipliers/coefficients they have won. 

Live statistics 

This feature allows you to easily access the history of the last players as well as your bets. You can filter what would appear on the screen in three different types: 

  • All bets – Wagers and winnings of all players
  • Your bet – Your wager aligns with the date, bet amount, winnings and multiplier/coefficient
  • Top bet – The highest daily, monthly and annual winnings along with their multiplier/coefficient.
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Bonuses and promotions

Rain promo

This feature gives players a chance to win free bets that randomly appear in chats. To use the free bet, all you have to do is click the ‘Claim’ button. 

Aviarace tournaments 

To increase interaction within the game, you can participate in different in-game tournaments and earn bonus points. The top players in the competition receive either free bets, cash rewards or other special prizes.  

Game theme

From the name of the game itself, the theme of Aviator is inspired by aviation. When you enter the game, you will see a chart with a red aeroplane taking off and reaching new heights of multipliers or coefficients for your bet.

Spribe Aviator game tricks: Winning Aviator strategies 

Aviator is a rewarding game to play, especially if you know an Aviator betting strategy or two that could guide you to the biggest wins. Use these Aviator game tricks and let your payouts rise to the heavens. Here’s how to beat the Aviator game: 

  1. Make use of your double bet and automated bet options

The first Aviator winning strategy you can do is to make use of the double bet and automated bet options. Aviator allows you to bet twice at the same time in a single round, which gives you plenty of room to play around with your bet and make the most of your time playing. 

For one, you can use these bets to shift the odds in your favour by having one huge bet and one small bet, with the larger bet covering the smaller one. You can play safe with your large bet by cashing out the moment you hit a 1.50x multiplier or higher. This covers both the value of the large bet and the small bet. 

Meanwhile, you can use the smaller bet to take risks and make huge profits without staking too much. 

To make things easier, you can also use the two automated bet options in Aviator:

  • Auto bet – Automatically sets your bet to the amount of your previous wager. 
  • Auto cash out – Gives you the option to select a multiplier/coefficient you want for your wager. Once it is reached, the game automatically cashes out your wins.
  1. Keep volatility low 

As observed in the live statistics of the game, the plane often flies off from the grid once it has reached the coefficient or multiplier value of 1.10x to 1.40x. To keep the volatility low in the game, you can use the auto cashout to immediately withdraw your winnings before the plane takes off with your bet. 

  1. Use the live statistics and live bet board 

One key Aviator casino game strategy you can do is to make use of all the game features. Take a look at what the live statistics and bet board indicate to know Aviator game predictions based on the data you have observed. Through this prediction, you can create the best possible option for your bet. 

For instance, you have observed a series of winning bets with coefficients/multipliers of 1.01x to 1.80x. The best thing to do here is to set your auto cashout on these coefficients or bet on a multiplier that has a slightly higher value such as 2x. Aviator Spribe

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  1. Keep an eye out for Aviator RTP and volatility

Aviator has a remarkable 97% RTP and medium volatility. However, what’s amazing about this game is that you have control over when you will cash out, which lets you affect the volatility of the game.

  1. Start small 

For Aviator betting tips, you can use this cool trick to win the highest payout. Start by getting a feel of the game and seeing if it is possible to reach high coefficients without risking too much on your wager. Start your bet with a minimum stake and cash out your wins once it has reached a coefficient of 5x or 7x. Then, bet higher as the frequency of higher coefficient wins increases.

  1. Use the reverse Martingale betting strategy 

Another cool Aviator winning strategy is the reverse Martingale where you halve your bets after a trade loss and double it after every winning bet. This will let you take advantage of your winning streak while also lowering losses on your losing streak. 

Aviator Predictor: Does it work?

Now that we’ve covered the helpful tricks you can use in Spribe Aviator game, it’s important to also know about Aviator predictors. In theory, the Aviator Predictor is an AI software or app designed to make reliable result predictions.

How to use Aviator Predictor

There’s a variety of apps available online that process 95% accurate predictions to help you claim big wins regularly. However, most of the apps you’ll find comes from unreliable pages and will ask you to pay one-time fees in exchange for access to the predictor.

Regardless of the software provider you choose, learning how to use Aviator Predictor app is easy. Once you’ve purchased the app, the idea is to select the gaming site you’re on to connect it to the app. When you load the game, the algorithm launches to show you the predictions.

The prediction consists of the max multiplier the current round reaches before the crash. Using this knowledge, your goal is to cash out before it reaches the indicated multiplier.

Is Aviator Predictor real?

The truth of the matter is that Aviator Predictors are unreliable and inaccurate. There’s no way you can predict the results of an Aviator game, especially not at Bitcasino since it uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) and Provably Fair software.

These ensure that the results of Aviator games on the platform are completely random and are generated during each round. That means no one can access or manipulate them. 

Additionally, it makes it impossible for predictors to accurately foretell the result of each round. That’s exactly why you should avoid purchasing services like Aviator Predictors. They’re well-designed scams that you shouldn’t fall for, especially when there’s money involved.

Instead, just have fun as you play Aviator games and enjoy the random wins you get throughout your gameplay. Additionally, as a reminder, do your best to avoid falling for the gambler’s fallacy. This is a scenario where you find patterns from previous results even when there are none. You should avoid making this mistake and focus on using the effective strategies we’ve outlined for you.

Aviator big win: A game with soaring payouts 

Aviator is a unique casino game that aims to reward you and thus, it offers you multiple opportunities to score high payouts ranging from 1x up to a whopping 1,000,000x your wager. 

If that wasn’t enough, Aviator also offers free bets and cash rewards on random in-game competitions set by Bitcasino. Bet with your highest wager to enjoy wins that will take you skyward.

Why do players enjoy playing Aviator?

There are plenty of reasons why Bitcasino players are flooding in on Spribe’s Aviator and one of these is control. Players feel like they have a hand in their winning chance since they can choose when to cash out their payouts.

Aside from that, Aviator excites players with its features and live chat option. It gives you a chance to interact with other bettors and create a fun atmosphere where you give each other tips as well as predictions on the next game round.

The variety of bonuses and bet options also adds to the fun of the game and gives players room to play their bets and explore winning strategies.   

The best time to play Aviator

Is there a right time to play Aviator to get the most wins? Here’s some strategies you can consider in choosing the best time or situation to play this unique game at Bitcasino:  

  1. Play if you use the Martingale strategy 

The Aviator game is best for players who incorporate the Martingale strategy into their betting practices. This strategy instructs players to double their wagers in the event of a loss and cut it in half after a win. Additionally, it also aims to help minimise losses in playing crash games and is particularly helpful in a fast-paced game like Aviator. 

If you want to incorporate the Martingale strategy into your gaming experience, you should play Aviator. This is also a particularly perfect fit for those who have a larger bankroll to spare when playing crash games. 

  1. Play if you are looking for a fast-paced, suspenseful game

You’ll know that it’s time to play Aviator if you are looking for a quick and easy game. Each round goes by quickly and could be over in a few seconds, so you should take advantage of each wager and see if luck can take you anywhere. 

Although it features straightforward mechanics, you can still expect thrills and suspense at every turn. Watching the plane take off and not knowing when it will crash will keep you on the edge of your seat! Whether you are looking for a quick game to earn easy rewards or a longer one to see how far your bankroll can take you, Aviator is a great game to try. 

  1. Play if you prefer simpler online casino games 

Placing your bets in Aviator is as simple as clicking a button. After choosing your desired bet, you can join the next round and watch the plane take off into the vast skies. Afterwards, all you have to do is gauge when to collect your winnings before it explodes. 

Instead of opting for a game with a more complicated set of mechanics or a variety of bonus features, you can take a step back with Aviator. It offers the same thrill and rewards but with simpler game rules. 

  1. Play if you are looking for small but frequent wins

Aviator is the perfect game if you’re looking for small but consistent wins.  If luck is on your side, you could play a quick game and leave with double the bankroll you initially had.  Although Aviator is not the typical option for high-rollers or those looking to win massive jackpots, it can still reward you with significant wins. Aviator Spribe

  1. Play if you don’t mind instant busts

One thing to keep in mind when playing a game like Aviator is that it is prone to instant busts. This means that the plane could already explode before it even takes off. Although it doesn’t happen often, this is a possible outcome that could occur while playing Aviator. 

If you don’t mind the possibility of instant busts when playing a crash game, then it’s time to start playing Aviator and see where your luck takes you! 


Frequently asked questions about Spribe Aviator

How much can you win on Aviator?

The multiplier/coefficient in Aviator can range from 1x up to 1,000,000x. It differs per round depending on the game’s Provably Fair technology.

Can I use the live chat in fun mode? 

No, the live chat option is only available during the real mode. 

What are the minimum and maximum bets in Aviator? 

The minimum bet for Aviator is 0.1 USDT and the maximum is 100 USDT. 

What device should I use when playing? 

Aviator is available on both mobile and PC devices.

Can I change avatars in Aviator? 

Yes, you can change your avatar by clicking the menu button on the upper right corner of your screen. Select the ‘Change avatar’ option right beside your username. 

How does the double bet option work? 

Place a bet on the two-bet table. The value of each bet can differ from the other. Additionally, you can also use different automated bet options to customise your bets.    

Play Spribe’s Aviator online casino game at Bitcasino

The best time to play Aviator is now. Take on the challenge of soaring heights and win huge payouts as your wager takes off into the sky. Prepare to take the helm of the aeroplane and cash out before it flies off with your wager in tow. Awaken your competitive side and discover casino skills games that will take your online casino experience to the next level.  

Words by: Ana Gundran, Review on: Bitcasino Aviator Spribe Aviator Spribe

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