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Bilal Mohamed of Kenya Wins African Esports Championship

Bilal Mohamed, an esports player from Kenya, emerged as the winner of the African Esports Championship held in Lagos, Nigeria, defeating Chukwudi Okoli from Nigeria in the finals with a 3-2 victory.

Mohamed’s triumph marks a significant milestone for Kenya, as he becomes the first African Esports Champion from the country after years of advocating for local gamers to participate in global competitions. Bilal Mohamed African Esports Championship

After clinching the gamrX African Championship title in Street Fighter 6, Mohamed expressed his determination to advance his esports career and enhance his skills through hard work and dedication.

“The final was very tough and tight but I managed to clutch it out and went to the final round. I am looking forward to going back home and training very hard and hopefully get more opportunities to travel,” he said.

Reflecting on his challenging final match, Mohamed acknowledged the tough competition and his perseverance to secure the win. He now looks forward to intensifying his training regimen and hopes for more opportunities to compete on an international level.

“I am looking forward to esports growing in Kenya and seeing more sponsors active in the scene and flying out players…and supporting them. We definitely have a lot of talents in Kenya that are going unnoticed,” Mohammed said.

In addition to his personal achievements, Mohamed envisions a bright future for esports in Kenya, emphasizing the need for greater sponsorship and support to nurture the unrecognized talents in the country. Bilal Mohamed African Esports Championship

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Commending Mohamed’s victory, Esports Kenya Federation president Ronny Lusigi commended his performance as a testament to the potential of esports in Kenya, pledging continued support for local players to excel in global competitions.

“A very big congratulations to Bilal for what he has done. He has really proven that the Kenyan esports players have the talent to compete at the highest level. As a federation, it gives us the motivation to continue supporting our players to go and play abroad,”

“This is just the beginning; we are going to support more of our players to play in international esports competitions, and Kenyans should expect more trophies, more international trophies.”

With participants from 12 African nations, the competition showcased the continent’s diverse talent pool, underscoring the growing popularity and competitiveness of esports across Africa. Bilal Mohamed African Esports Championship

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