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Binance Executive’s Tax Evasion Case Adjourned in Nigerian Court

A Nigerian high court in Abuja has adjourned the tax evasion case against Tigran Gambaryan, a Binance executive detained since February, until April 19.

Gambaryan, along with Nadeem Anjarwalla, Binance’s Kenya-based regional manager for Africa, were charged with tax evasion by Nigerian authorities. Anjarwalla fled the country on March 22.

The executives were arrested after flying into Nigeria to address the government’s concerns about the company’s restricted website access.

The government suspected Binance of manipulating FX prices in unofficial markets. The Nigerian government also charged Binance with nonpayment of corporate income tax, value-added tax, failure to file tax returns, and aiding users to evade taxes.

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The case against Binance has been adjourned until April 8. Gambaryan has been in detention for five weeks, and Binance has requested his release, stating that he has no decision-making power in the company.

Anjarwalla, who is wanted by Nigerian authorities, has an international arrest warrant issued against him.

In a separate lawsuit, both executives have filed a human rights violation case, seeking to be released, have their passports returned, and receive a public apology.

The court will commence a hearing on April 8 regarding this case.

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