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EveryMatrix Africa: How to solve the two biggest issues in sportsbook today

There are several clear trends emerging within the African online sports betting market. The first, in tandem with currency fluctuations, is due, in part, to the varying prosperity of the economies across the continent’s 54 countries. Sportsbook EveryMatrix

Another is how the market’s accelerating maturity, combined with increasing sportsbook customer demands, is shining a light on the limitations of existing in-house technology.

The two are interlinked, as you will see, so let’s examine both in more detail. On one hand you have large, established operators in African countries with relatively stable economies where the currency experiences low levels of fluctuation, while on the other there exist smaller brands that operate within more unstable economies with higher levels of currency fluctuations.

Larger, more well-recognised brands with in-house solutions are considering parting ways with their legacy providers and switching to advanced platform technologies from suppliers such as EveryMatrix where we can rapidly integrate full turnkey solutions.

This involves several modular elements that combine to create the ultimate efficient operation, including: a proven sportsbook platform combined with GamMatrix, our player account management platform; MoneyMatrix, our payments gateway; and PartnerMatrix, our affiliate marketing software and agent management system alongside bonusing, gamification and safer gambling features.

Combined this provides them with the full ecosystem of solutions that are proven to work together to generate maximum uptime, maximum revenue and differentiated and personalised player experiences.

Meanwhile, small-to-medium brands are seeing what their larger competitors are doing and considering consolidating their efforts to develop larger sportsbook entities, however they are often only looking to integrate new sports data feeds instead of an entire sportsbook solution.

Larger brands are also having to cope with the rapidly changing industry here. In turn they are either considering, or are in the process of, switching providers because legacy suppliers are unable to cope with the growing demands of increasing player volumes, new sportsbook features, compliance functionality or they simply don’t have the capacity to expand to more countries.

These legacy platforms have reached the end of their shelf lives and are no longer fit for purpose. We can instantly change that.

Currency fluctuations impacting growth

Then comes the wider socio-economic issue of currency devaluation which has been a burden for years and continues to blight many local brands trying to grow their share of voice.

This is exacerbated in countries where banks don’t allow companies to buy foreign currency in large amounts, causing problems when it comes to paying providers, businesses with local ownership or sportsbook development teams.

It is common, for example, to see some smaller operators only integrate sports feeds from providers due to the commercial models involved that are typically less exposed to currency fluctuations. Often with sports feeds agreements they either come with a fixed fee or a lower revenue share with lower monthly invoices. This means that if a currency fluctuates sharply the cost of doing business is lower and there is less risk.

How we differ from the rest
All African brands are aware of these varying levels of uncertainty. These are not going away, however there are several ways that working with EveryMatrix can both mitigate these financial burdens due to our flexible, bespoke approach, and simultaneously boost revenues and grow market share thanks to our diverse and best-of-breed products.

We’re proud to say that we provide the most cost effective, highly efficient, proven betting and iGaming technology products and solutions that generate the best digital sports betting tools and experiences.

At the same time, we also recognise that every project we undertake and every operator we work with is different, therefore we’ve become experts at adapting both our technologies and our commercial approach to any individual need(s).

Flexibility is not just essential in Africa, but also in the 68 other certified and licensed global markets we work in, each one different to the other and where we take into consideration every complexity and subtlety each one offers.

Local presence knowhow
We have been operating on the continent for several years, have a team on the ground and have developed a better understanding of the market than our competitors. We know how diverse a space it is with 54 countries, each one with their own specific needs, demands, differences and qualities. Many don’t seem to understand that things can be different even between regions in specific African countries. We do.

As our aim is to be present in every market, we either visit operators directly or attend all the major events in Africa including the forthcoming Sport Betting West Africa in Ghana on between 21 to 23 August.

We also speak to local operators and punters every day of the week. We approach them and develop new relationships and equally communicate that our door is always open to anyone who wants to discuss any area of the industry.

Comprehensive range of sports & markets
We offer a vast array of sports and markets suitable for operators and players, powered by official data. This includes 110+ sports, more than 525,000 events (Q4 2023), more than 1,000 English Premier League markets with the average across tier 1 operators is just 293.

Twelve of our sports are available with BetBuilder, including pre-match and in-play on football, tennis, and basketball. Sportsbook EveryMatrix

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OddsMatrix also offers more pre-live and in-play football matches than any other operator in the world. In 2023, we provided 149,000 pre-live matches, with 130,000 of them available in-play. In comparison, the world’s leading betting operator had 136,000 pre-live matches, with 90,000 available in-play.
Extensive esports coverage
We offer extensive esports coverage, a rapidly growing market played and bet on by millions of next generation players. Unlike traditional sports, esports is not seasonal therefore this allows for high betting volumes during periods of lower sports betting activity.

Fast live betting
Our analysis has shown that many operators in Africa suffer from delays from a few seconds to several minutes. We don’t. With the rise of live betting and esports around the globe, and with these trends gathering speed up in Africa, high uptimes and fast, seamless betting is crucial to attract both seasoned bettors and a new generation of players. Sportsbook EveryMatrix

Advanced Odds Management
Maximise betting margins and profits by tweaking the odds per sport, country, tournament, or even just one market. Using our system operators are guaranteed the most competitive odds, while also being able to minimise risk wherever and whenever it is needed.

Bonuses and promotions
EveryMatrix guarantees the best performing bonus and promotional tools and functionalities, many of which no one else can provide in Africa. Features offered within our sportsbook platform include cashout, auto-cashout, partial cashout, BetBuilder, and cashout on it or manual acceptance.

Using our BonusEngine and BannerMatrix as an add-on within our sportsbook solution, we can provide additional tools to retain players, including proposed bet slips so players can start creating their tickets faster. This feature is highly attractive to African players and is functionality no one else can offer in the region. Sports free bets, wagering challenges, cash back, ticket odds boost, stake back, and many more features can be quickly integrated from our platform. Sportsbook EveryMatrix

Fully omnichannel
We fully support and provide technologies and features across online, mobile and retail solutions.

Localised content

A user-friendly back office allows operators to change positions for any sport and any competition with just a few clicks. With the addition of new games/tournaments, further localisation is possible. Using this feature, operators can provide local competitions or matches, and bring more personalised fun directly to players who enjoy betting on these sports or games. Sportsbook EveryMatrix

Sports Data Feeds  
Additionally, we can offer feeds with the option to adjust odds or without. This allows us to adjust pricing for each group of providers or operators across the continent.

Our goal is to provide every bettor with the best possible sports betting experience and every operator with access to the best performing technologies, especially when it comes to the speed of feeds with many sportsbooks constantly looking to improve in this area, even by the smallest of margins, to both retain and grow their existing market share. Sportsbook EveryMatrix

By Marko Dzoic, Sales Manager, Africa, EveryMatrix

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