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How TVBet is Revolutionizing the iGaming Industry in Africa

With its mobile-friendly interface and 24/7 availability, Tvbet’s products are well-suited to the African market, where mobile gambling is becoming increasingly popular. With the continent’s vibrant sports culture and growing appetite for online betting, TVBet has significant growth potential in Africa. Utku Sarper, Sales Team Lead at TVBet, took the time to discuss with us why TVBet is the best option for any operator wishing to satisfy their consumers with real-time betting products through HD-quality live streaming. TVBet Africa Utku Interview

iGA: Kindly give us a brief overview of TVBET.

Utku: Hello, iGaming Afrika team! Nice to meet and talk to you. I’ll gladly introduce TVBET to your audience. 

So, TVBET is a B2B provider of fascinating live games based on odds, offering easy integration of its products. Our live games are streamed 24/7, 365 days a year.

TVBET games are an excellent decision for casinos and bookmakers, both online and retail, who want to diversify their portfolios and bring their players some fresh and exciting products. With TVBET games, players can enjoy a one-of-a-kind gaming experience by predicting the outcomes of their favorite casino games and placing bets through various betting options.

iGA: Congratulations on being listed as Exhibitors in the upcoming SBWA+ Summit set to take place in Lagos on August 23rd–25th, 2023. What will be your message to operators attending the conference as they look for the best-fit products for their online operations?

Utku: Yeah, this year, we’re not just visitors to SBWA+; we’re thrilled to exhibit at the summit with the stand. At the show, we’re going to see our old friends and meet new ones.

The main message is to introduce TVBET to those who don’t know us yet and, of course, to show our novelties. And we definitely have amazing new products to represent!

First, we recently launched our new game, Fast KENO, which we’re really proud of. As our partners know, we already have one KENO in our portfolio, and we won’t remove it. We’re adding the second version of the game – Fast KENO, which will be faster than its predecessor. The pause between draws is much lower, allowing players to play their favorite game with minimal breaks. So now bettors may choose between two KENOs.

And one more exciting product that we’re adding to our kit is El Casino – the new Live Casino Direction. If previously we were proposing only live TV games, now we’re offering integration of Live Dealer games too!

iGA: Are you only offering web-based solutions at TVBET, or are you also into retail? Give us a brief description of your web-based and retail solutions.

Utku: TVBET games can be easily integrated both online and in retail. So, we have no challenges bringing our game to any land-based point in Africa or any other continent. 

If we talk about web solutions, we provide easy API integration for our live games. Besides, our games will smoothly adapt to any device – PC, tablet, or smartphone. 

If we talk about retail, then it also won’t take much time or cause any difficulties to connect our games. An operator only has to have some equipment, nothing unusual, but I won’t go into details here 😊 Bets on live games are accepted at the cashier. That’s it!

iGA: What is the unique feature that makes TVBET products stand out amongst your peers in the industry?

Utku: Well, we propose top-notch quality for an acceptable price. Along with the fascinating stories in our live games, which captivate players around the world, we care about every tiny detail of the whole process, from the creation of the game to its integration with a partner and further support and maintenance. Our technical platform allows for the correct running of all our games without a glitch.

Success can be attributed to the following: 

• American broadcasting technology and workstations.

• Profound knowledge of high-end 3D animation.

• Immaculate green screen keying technology leading to unbelievable 3D scenery and detailed animation.

• Broadcast in full HD.

• Broadcast to satellite for regions with poor internet connections.

• High-speed internet connection of two stand-alone channels, with a backup channel each.

iGA: Your expansion throughout Africa has been enormous. How has the reception been for your products from one country to another, and which markets are you looking to tap into in the coming days?

Utku: Africa is one of our favorite regions to develop, to tell the truth. We see amazing prospects for development here since African players like betting and lotteries. And here we are! We offer betting on lotteries combining two of their favorite activities into one!

If we talk about markets of our interest, we’re focusing more on Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). In recent years, these regions have been actively developing and have regulated markets where betting is allowed. With improving mobile internet connections, these areas are becoming more attractive for iGaming suppliers and operators. However, we are not satisfied with just this and strive to bring even more of our games to both online and land-based points in Africa, providing new betting opportunities for players. TVBet Africa Utku Interview

iGA: Data access and poor internet speeds are big challenges in most African countries. How have you managed to stay afloat in the industry under these circumstances?

Utku: In these cases, we have developed some special solutions for regions with feeble Internet connections. These are Virtual Games and Satellite Solutions. 

To talk about Virtual Games, we offer a comprehensive library with hundreds of thousands of pre-recorded live games that we have been running 24/7 since 2017. So, these are the same live games, but they are pre-recorded. At the same time, the fairness of the outcomes is preserved since the Virtual Games engine chooses a random video from the library every three minutes.

Regarding Satellite Solution, with this offering, our games are broadcast through the satellite, meaning no internet connection is needed. Nothing is impossible for us 😉

iGA: Can you give us a brief description of the new products; El Casino and Fast Sport, that you are launching soon? What can the gaming community expect, and why is this so important for the African gaming community?

Utku: If we talk about El Casino, we have already launched it, and it’s available for integration! As I said, it’s a classic live casino. The all-beloved atmosphere of Las Vegas casino, but in an online format. Now, we propose connecting Roulette live casino game. And hope that soon, we will add some more products to the El Casino kit.

Soon, we’re launching one more new direction – Fast Sport! Fast Sport is a type of sports format that features quick matches, broadcasts live, and provides numerous benefits to bettors. Soon, we’ll talk about this new vertical in more detail.

We’re sure it will be engaging for the African market since people here are huge casino games and sports fans. And we have something new to surprise them with!

iGA: Product integration is another very important feature that most operators consider before agreeing to take up any products. How fast can your live games be easily integrated on the web and in retail for clients? 

Utku: Well, it really doesn’t take much time, and to make it smooth and fast, our team is always in contact with the partner and advises on every step that should be taken. The speed of integration also depends on the partner and the speed of his response and steps toward us. When you have a tandem of interactions and quick reactions to each other’s requests, it’s easy to integrate, test, and customize everything in a few weeks.

iGA: Based on the growth you have achieved so far, together with your future ambitions, where do you see the TVBET brand in the next 5 years, especially in Africa?

Utku: Well, we hope we will be in every single corner of the African continent ha-ha. It’s difficult to say how things will go on. We believe that more and more countries will start regulating gambling and thus opening their doors to us. So, let’s see 😉 TVBet Africa Utku Interview

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