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King Makers (Betking) launches 2024 with Shacks Evolution Studios games

Shacks Evolution Studios, a leading game development company specializing in creating innovative and captivating instant games, has announced a strategic partnership with King Makers (Betking) a prominent operator in the iGaming industry.

This partnership signifies that Shacks Evolution Studios’ games are now accessible on the platform of King Makers, reaching millions of players in Africa, regardless of their location. KingMakers operate Betking in Nigeria and now Supersportbet in South Africa.

This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for Shacks Evolution Studios as its diverse range of games takes the spotlight on King Makers’ expansive platform. The integration encompasses popular titles like Penaldo, Citadel, Spin the Bottle, Busly, amongst others , ensuring an engaging gaming experience for players around the world.

With a targeted approach to the iGaming sector, Shacks Evolution Studios aims to captivate audiences within the industry. The launch on King Makers’ platform enhances accessibility, captivating iGaming companies, and enthusiasts alike with a collection of dynamic and entertaining games.

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Expressing enthusiasm about the partnership, the CEO of Shacks Evolution Studios, Ayofemi Akinlaja, stated, “We are excited about this partnership with BetKing, one of the biggest operators in Nigeria and also Africa. Having localized content on Betking is a landmark for us. As we all know, BetKing is a leading sports and digital entertainment company focused on the African continent and backed by an African entity, Multichoice, who are heavily vested in the African market. I believe this relationship is a fruitful one that would also open more doors and opportunities for us.”

This collaboration signifies the alignment of two gaming powerhouses, and Shacks Evolution Studios expresses gratitude to King Makers and BetKing for their trust and support in their vision and products. Shacks Evolution Studios is honored to be part of their network and portfolio. Anticipating a fruitful journey ahead, Shacks Evolution Studios envisions more doors of opportunity swinging wide open in the dynamic world of gaming.

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