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Social Welfare Experts Wary of Excessive Gambling in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,Experts in social welfare have cautioned that the country’s gaming and gambling industries should be concerned about the number of individuals becoming addicted to these games as they continue to grow. Gambling Tanzania Addiction

Research has shown that , most of the country’s youth population is no longer interested in long hours of genuine work. The youths are now spending most of their time gambling and risking the little they have trying to win millions in the gaming industry.However, most of them end up in the depths of poverty which affects the family and society in general and continues the chain of poverty.

This was explained on November 11, in this city by the Deputy Secretary General of the Association of Social Welfare Experts (Taswo), Dunstan Haule, while talking to journalists about the association’s annual meeting that will be held from November 14th to 16th in Mbeya region.

Haule noted that currently not just the youth but also the adult population {parents as well } are also now being sucked into the gambling sector. This has led to increased stress and mental-related breakdowns in most families in the country.

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“Nowadays, even adults, there are some retired people who gamble. They don’t want to work but they want a good life, so they see gambling as the shortcut to becoming wealthy.” He added, “We have come across cases of married people who are unable to provide for their families because of gambling, this is a big challenge in our society.”

This is not the first time that the issue of gambling has been raised. August of 2023, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dodoma, Professor Lugano Kusiluka, said that many university students spend money on gambling and find themselves falling into poverty.

Speaking about the meeting, the vice chairman of Taswo, Salma Fundi noted that these topics will be discussed: poverty in society, gender equality, children, young people, the elderly, the disabled and sexual violence. Gambling Tanzania Addiction

He further added that the slogan of the meeting will be , “Let’s respect our differences through joint social actions.” The official guest of the event will be the Speaker of the Parliament Dr. Tulia Ackson.

“Our slogan emphasizes the importance of respecting ideological, religious, ethnic and gender differences in society.” He added, “Social welfare professionals believe that it is important to respect people’s differences and that we can do so by taking joint social actions. We live in a society that has many differences, but these differences can be a source of strength and harmony. The best society is one that respects people’s differences and that creates opportunities for everyone to achieve prosperity.”

Source: Mwananchi Gambling Tanzania Addiction

by Elizabeth Edward.

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