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South Africa National Lottery License 2025 Bid

A briefing session for potential National Lottery bidders in South Africa was hosted by SA’s National Lotteries Commission in September, ahead of the lottery’s license renewal in May 2025 for a Lottery License Bid.

On August 30 and 31, 2023, the NLC released the following clarification on the briefing session for the fourth national lottery and sports pools license:

 Prospective applicants and interested parties who wish to attend the briefing session in relation to the Request for Proposal for the Fourth National Lottery and Sports Pools Licence (“RFP”)on 30 and 31 August 2023 are herewith advised that attendance of the briefing session is not compulsory for prospective applicants who intend to submit an application for the Licence. The briefing session is primarily an information session for prospective applicants and interested parties to obtain critical information relating to the RFP document and the application process. Prospective applicants may therefore be represented by one or more persons who may collectively or individually attend the briefing session on behalf of an entity to be formed in due course.

NLC Statement

Following the conclusion of the briefing session, interested parties and prospective applicants were advised that the only way to communicate with the NLC would be through a virtual data room, or VDR, to which access would be granted only after the purchase of an RFP document and payment of the necessary fee.

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Following the briefing session, interested parties or candidates registered under the terms of the RFP may submit any questions they may have, requests for further information, technical interpretations of the RFP, or other items requiring clarification online via the VDR. The NLC would only reply through the VDR; it will not accept correspondence through any other means. South Africa Lottery License Bid 2025

The process has already begun, and bidders can expect to pay R55 000 for access to documents and data about the lottery as well as a “virtual data room” that will tell them, in considerable detail, how money flows through the lottery system, from independent ticket vendors all the way through payouts.

Although the lucrative and frequently contentious license renewal is not scheduled until May 2025, the process has already begun. After current operator Ithuba’s license expires in May 2025, potential bidders will have five months to transform those details into proposals on how, if given the chance, they would run the lottery.

Historically, a lot of people have been drawn to the lottery because of the size of the opportunity it offers, especially early in the bidding process when little money needs to be invested. And it’s a hefty investment.

An insider has calculated that assembling a complete offer might likely cost at least R15 million. In the previous adjudication procedure, bidders had to provide an R125 million performance bond.

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