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Top Gambling Countries in Africa

The African continent’s diversified environment extends to the arena of gambling, where millions of punters engage in various forms of betting and gaming. We look at the top gambling countries in Africa as well as the most popular types of gambling in each.

South Africa

South Africa is the continent’s largest gambling market, accounting for over half of total gross gambling revenue. Sports betting is the most popular type of gambling in the country, accounting for over a quarter of total industry income. While the National Gambling Act of 2004 prohibits online gambling, sports, and horse racing betting are authorized both online and through traditional bookies. We can bet (pun intended) that once the law changes, larger online casinos will thrive alongside sportsbook businesses.

With 90% of South Africans engaged in some sort of gambling, the country generates around $2 billion in gambling revenue each year. South Africa currently has 39 functioning land-based casinos, and the online gambling business is expanding, with regulated foreign operators getting licenses and contributing to the country’s tax revenue.


Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, has a significant sports betting market, with bettors contributing an incredible $2 billion per year. However, online gambling is still a sensitive issue because two regulatory agencies disagree on who should issue licenses and collect associated costs. Despite the hurdles, the Nigerian gambling sector continues to expand, propelled by the enthusiasm of its avid bettors.


Kenya, another major player in the African gaming industry, enables internet gambling, making it a popular destination for gamblers. Sports betting reigns supreme in Kenya, with over seven million Kenyans holding accounts largely utilized for football betting. Potential tax rises, on the other hand, have pushed some significant companies to abandon the market, resulting in a drop in total gaming revenue. Nonetheless, analysts foresee a dramatic increase in this figure as technology advances.


Ghana, known for having the most regulated gaming industry in Africa, has had numerous gambling laws in place since the 1960s. The National Lottery Authority is in charge of lottery game offers, and slot machines are also popular in the country. Punters in Ghana like betting on sports, particularly European football competitions, and there are no limits when it comes to opening accounts on foreign gambling websites. According to data, Ghana has roughly 283 online gaming websites.

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The gaming business continues to thrive as the African continent enjoys economic progress and technological advancements. Gambling lovers in Africa enjoy a plethora of possibilities, ranging from the well-established market in South Africa to the burgeoning sectors in Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria. While each country has its own unique set of rules and customs, one thing remains constant: the unmistakable appeal of the thrill of gambling. Top Gambling Countries Africa

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