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22Bet Releases Tuma Kitu Remix With Their Brand Ambassador Khaligraph Jones

Global online betting and gaming platform, 22BET, has once again teamed up with their brand ambassador and popular Kenyan rapper, Khaligraph Jones popularly known as Papa Jones, to release a new single titled Tuma Kitu Remix.

The song’s name, “Tuma Kitu,” translates to “Send Something,” which is a phrase commonly used in Kenya to express the desire for someone to send money or gifts. In the context of betting, the phrase is fitting as it urges punters to bet with 22BET and receive big winnings.

In the “Tuma Kitu Remix,” Khaligraph Jones stresses the importance of choosing the right betting site, noting that 22BET provides the best odds in the market. He also highlights the benefits of betting with 22BET, including the no data charges feature when betting on the platform. The “Tuma Kitu Remix” is undoubtedly a masterpiece and is sure to resonate with Kenyan audiences, further cementing 22BET’s position as the go-to online sports betting site.

The original version of “Tuma Kitu” was released by Khaligraph Jones in 2018 and quickly became a hit in the Kenyan music scene. The song’s catchy beat and the rapper’s signature flow made it one of the most popular hip-hop tracks in the country. The remix version is equally impressive, with new verses and a fresh take on the original tune.

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The collaboration between 22BET and Khaligraph Jones is a celebration of the platform’s success and its growing presence in Kenya.

The release of “Tuma Kitu Remix” is a significant milestone for both 22BET and Khaligraph Jones. 22BET’s association with the rapper has helped to strengthen its brand presence in Kenya. The platform’s commitment to promoting local talent is also evident in its partnership with Khaligraph Jones. As a brand ambassador, the rapper has been instrumental in promoting 22BET’s services, especially among the youth demographic.

For Khaligraph Jones, “Tuma Kitu Remix” is yet another opportunity to showcase his musical talent and reach a wider audience. The rapper’s collaboration with 22BET has enabled him to not only promote his music but also gain exposure in the vibrant online betting industry.

The music industry in Kenya has seen significant changes over the years. The rise of mobile technology and the internet has revolutionized the way music is consumed and produced. Online platforms such as 22BET have played a crucial role in promoting local artists and enabling them to reach a global audience. The online betting industry has also seen tremendous growth, providing a new revenue stream for artists and musicians.

The “Tuma Kitu Remix” collaboration between 22BET and Khaligraph Jones is evidence of the increasing synergy between the music and betting industries in Kenya. Both industries have a lot to offer each other, and collaborations such as this one will help to promote local talent, drive innovation and generate revenue for all parties involved.

“Tuma Kitu Remix” is a testament to the successful partnership between 22BET and Khaligraph Jones. The collaboration is a celebration of Kenya’s vibrant music and betting industries and the potential for growth and innovation in these sectors. With more collaborations between artists and betting platforms such as 22BET, the future looks bright for the Kenyan music industry.

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