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888bet Kenya Migrating to Betlion on 31st July, 2023

888bet, a popular sportsbook that operates in multiple nations across the world, has announced that it would officially transition its Kenyan platform to Betlion. 888bet Betlion

According to the announcement, which was made on the company’s official website, the move is intended to improve the gaming experience for their consumers.

We’ve listened to our players and have worked hard to bring you a better service. We’re taking all of what makes 888bet great and moving it to BetLion.

read a statement on the company website.

The following are some of the benefits that players can anticipate after the move has been implemented:

  1. A more secure and stable platform.
  2. A better sportsbook with additional wagering options and markets.
  3. Bigger and better casino and crash games such as Aviator. 
  4. Brand new exciting Promotions

Here are some more points that 888bet players need to know:

a) Players will not be able to access their 888bet account after the 31st of July, 2023.

b) Any money in a player account before closure will be sent back on 31st July through the player’s original deposit method.

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c) Players will need to visit the Betlion site to register. Those who will opt-in before 31 July 2023, will be sent an SMS from 888bet through BetLion inviting them to set up their new accounts.

d) Players can log in to their betlion accounts using their phone number as normal then they should receive an SMS from where they can set up their password. If a player has not received an SMS, they can also use the ‘reset password’ button to set up their new password. 888bet Betlion

e) For players who would like to contact support on either of the two platforms, they can follow the following links:

  • For Betlion, click here and click on Contact Us.
  • For 888bet, click here

Many people have speculated on what is more likely to happen to 888bet. In response, the organization stated in a statement:

888bet will trade as BetLion for the time being, but the brand will eventually change back to 888bet with some great improvements.

reads a message from 888bet.

The revelation has elicited varied emotions from the public, with the majority of people viewing it as the company’s exit strategy from the Kenyan market, which is now slated to raise gaming taxes as a result of the suggestions contained in the Finance Bill 2023. Kenya’s President, Dr. William Ruto, signed the measure into law on June 26, 2023.

To ensure that everyone signs up or switches to the opposite side, 888bet has guaranteed goodies to consumers who comply with the request.

Kama fan wa 888bet, tuko na cake ndogo on the other side once you Register. Register using this link on 31st July or 1st August admin atakukaribisha.

Read a message on one of 888bet’s social media accounts meaning “If you are an 888bet fan, we have a small cake for you on the other side once you Register. Register using this link on 31st July or 1st August and the admin will welcome you.”

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