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Regulatory Approach Towards Gambling Brand Ambassadors

Gambling at sporting events is a practice almost as old as civilization. There have been few changes in the industry especially on the marketing and regulation angle. These days, sportsmen and women have played an integral part in multinational promotions campaigns that engage with a large audience. Gambling Brand Ambassadors Regulatory

These sporting people’s appearances in major commercials do attract most modern players, especially the youth. This has drawn anger in the industry.

Most countries have come out with regulations to curb this menace.

The Netherlands last year did pass legislation that did prohibit the use of celebrities by gambling companies. The Government did specify the reason was famous faces cannot be used to push people into gambling or influence the youth. This was due to the concern about addiction among the citizens.

Providers of games of chances are no longer allowed to use persons who are publicly known or with whom the consumers wish to identify or associate themselves for any other reason, in advertising for games of chance. Role models include people such as professional athletics, actors, models and influencers, but also politicians and people who otherwise serve as role models in the society.

Kansspelautoriteit (KSA)

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Recently, in the UK they did ban the use of sportsmen and women in gambling advertisements. The ban included the use of sports and reality TV stars, and people under the age of 25 years. This was mainly implemented to protect those under the age of 18. Gambling Brand Ambassadors Regulatory

We welcomed the introduction of the Committee of Advertising Practice’s (CAP) tougher rules which prevent gambling ads from being of strong appeal to under 18s. We work very closely with the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) and if gambling firms break those rules, we can take tough action, including fining the offending firm.

Spokesperson Gambling Commission

In Africa, they have been tremendous growth in the iGaming industry. This has prompted many gambling companies to use many well-known persons in society for use in gambling advertisements. These include athletes, musicians, and sports pundits. Here In Africa, they have been no regulations in regard to this but our gaming boards might borrow a leaf from our counterparts to deal with problems resulting from problem gambling.

While using athletes in gambling commercials is a terrific method to gain attention, the issue with it is that it invariably attracts young people. Everyone has made stupid decisions in their youth at some point, and when it comes to gambling, the hedonistic lifestyle of young people, in general, may contribute to their inability to recognize when to quit.

When young people see their favorite athletes endorsing gambling brands, it is quite likely to result in an increase in the number of bets they place. It is this precise emotion that regulators are working to safeguard young people from.

Since gambling companies have a right to business and pick any people to represent their brands, they ought to have a balance on the aspect of business and handling the gambling epidemic in the community. Gambling Brand Ambassadors Regulatory

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