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Africa is Now the Third Largest E-Gaming Market Globally!

According to Asher Jay Shapiro, the Chairperson of the Pan-African Gaming Group, Africa is now the third largest e-gaming market with 186 million players. The number of gamers in Africa has more than doubled since 2015, from 77 million to 186 million players. Additionally this makes Africa one of the fastest-growing gaming markets in the world.

Speaking at CNN Shapiro said, “In Africa, it’s a fairly new industry. So, we’re starting from essentially zero about five years ago, to 10 years from now, we’re on track to become the third largest market globally in the world behind the US and China, just through sheer demographics – the fact that Africa has more than a billion youth.”

Also speaking at Nairobi’s Afrigamer gaming hub, players travel from across the country to compete in tournaments. Afrigamer founder, Emmanuel Oyewole, said“This physical location helps you meet your friends, the people you meet online you get to meet them physically here. So, we make a safe space for them. Also, why you need to come here is again the issue of internet, not everyone will be able to subscribe for something big like a big mbps of internet in their house. So, you have to come here to be able to game.”

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Why is e-Gaming booming in Africa?

E gaming is booming in Africa due to several factors, including increased access to technology and connectivity, a growing young population with disposable income, and a growing interest in competitive gaming and eSports. With the rise of affordable smartphones and internet connectivity, more Africans are able to access online gaming platforms and compete with players from around the world. Additionally, the rise of eSports events and tournaments in Africa has attracted a new generation of gamers, creating a vibrant gaming community that is driving the industry’s growth on the continent. The potential for e gaming to provide economic opportunities and entertainment for young Africans is also contributing to its rapid expansion in the region.

Furthermore Shapiro emphasized on this and said, “Africa is very much a mobile-first continent. It’s predicted that by 2026 we’ll have more smartphones in Africa than all of India, for example. So, if you’re making games for Africa, you’re making them on your mobile phone.”

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