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African Warriors Fighting Championship AWFC signs deal with Stake

The African Warriors Fighting Championship AWFC, the largest promoter of Dambe, a traditional form of boxing in Nigeria,  recently signed a historic sponsorship agreement with Stake, a well-known cryptocurrency sports betting company. AWFC Dambe Stake

The Stake brand will be incorporated into AWFC events as per the agreement. High-visibility branding will be used in the combat arena and on athlete jerseys to achieve this.

The following factors make AWFC an intriguing scenario and make this particular agreement significant for African sports:

This is Stake’s first sponsorship agreement in Africa, but it makes sense from a branding standpoint because Stake currently sponsors both Israel Adesanya, the Nigerian middleweight world champion, and the UFC.

However, there is greater potential beyond Africa because the majority of AWFC’s most ardent supporters are from nations like Brazil, Canada, and the US rather than Nigeria.

Since MMA is already well-liked in each of these regions, it is possible to convert current MMA followers abroad into Dambe lovers.

Why AWFC is Gaining Popularity Worldwide

As far as sporting events go, AWFC has a relatively distinctive offering, a strong competitive advantage, and a track record of successfully attracting a global (MMA) fan following. AWFC has produced a spectacle that other organizations could not match without beginning in Nigeria.

This is even before taking into account the overall upsurge in interest in African and Nigerian culture, or the potential for collaborations with well-known Afrobeats musicians.

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Often local African sports leagues frequently struggle to be financially successful because they lack the international appeal to get the significant international licensing and broadcast deals that serve as the foundation for a successful global sports property, however, the AWFC has some good potential.

AWFC CEO believes Stake Partnership Good for Dambe globally

AWFC CEO Maxwell Kalu said:

A first of its kind, our partnership with the Stake is a huge moment for African combat sports. It is an exciting step in our mission to make Dambe global.

Ancient, intense, and rich in tradition, Dambe is unlike any other combat sport in the world.

Partnering with the Stake highlights the impressive growth of the AWFC. And, it demonstrates that Dambe is making a real impact in the minds of combat sports fans around the world.

We are proud to be Stake’s first partner in Africa. We look forward to helping the brand raise awareness and expand its user base across the continent.

Akhil Sarin, Director of Procurement at Stake, said:

AWFC is a young brand with exciting plans and we see huge potential for Dambe.

The Stake has built a reputation with our combat sports partnerships and adding them to our portfolio is a huge step forward as we look to expand into the African market.

About Dambe

The African Warriors Fighting Championship was established in 2019 by Maxwell Kalu. It intends to increase awareness of Dambe, Nigerian boxing on a global scale.

Dambe is very well-liked In the north of Nigeria, which has more than 100 million people and is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world. AWFC Dambe Stake

International interest in Dambe has grown. Dambe is still a niche sport, but AWFC already has a sizable online following; with 212k Instagram followers. In August 2023, they will also have a weekly TV show in Nigeria.

Athletes may use one hand during Dambe fights to strike while it is wrapped around a knotted rope known as “the spear.” The other hand is referred to as “the shield” and is used for defense. Therefore, athletes can kick with both legs.. AWFC Dambe events are contested over three rounds. Therefore, eliminating an opponent or causing your hand, knee, or back to touch the ground ensures victory.

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