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Elon Musk Starlink Now In Kenya

Starlink, a satellite internet provider, is now accessible in Kenya. Starlink officially enters the African market and advances its goal of bringing internet access to underserved and rural regions of the world.

Starlink, operated by American aerospace company SpaceX, offers a satellite internet service that uses a constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. Unlike traditional satellite internet, Starlink provides high-speed, low latency connectivity, supporting services not possible with traditional satellite technology.

The company’s entry into Kenya will be faced with stiff competition from some players in the business. The current internet service providers mainly offer connectivity via fibre optic cables, over Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Similar to how the global positioning system (GPS) gives location data to cell phones all over the world, the company employs satellites to deliver broadband internet to users worldwide. For service to function without interruption, thousands of satellites are needed.

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Karibu Connect, an East African provider of internet connectivity solutions, announced on Tuesday that it has been appointed as the first Starlink authorized reseller in Kenya. This is an important step in the company’s objective to narrow the digital gap and improve the nation’s connectivity infrastructure.

Our partnership with Starlink is a substantial progression in our mission to deliver affordable, high-quality internet access to all corners of Kenya. The deployment of Starlink’s groundbreaking technology will revolutionize how rural Kenya engages with the global community, fostering societal progress and driving economic growth.

John Thuo, CEO Karibu Connect

Karibu Connect will expand Starlink’s high-speed, low-latency access to a variety of rural Kenyan industries, including small enterprises, industry, telecommunications, multi-dwelling units, education, tourism & hospitality, maritime, and government institutions.

A customer must pay Sh89,000 for the Starlink gear, Sh3,100 for shipping and handling, and Sh6,500 each month for the service.

Currently in Africa Starlink is in these countries Mozambique, Nigeria and Rwanda.

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