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BantuBet Brings Street Football and Basketball Tournaments to Kenya

BantuBet, founded by Angola’s sports entertainment guru Jonathan Da Silva, the newest entry to the Kenyan online betting scene, promises to take Kenya by storm with a distinctive approach to sports entertainment and the highest bonuses offered in sports betting in Kenya to date. Bantubet Street Football Kenya

BantuBet is known for investing in Angola’s youth through entertaining, high-profile street sports tournaments. It advocates a community-focused approach that attempts to strengthen economically challenged neighborhoods via sports.

BantuBet’s approach to giving back to the community promises amazing sporting experiences for Kenyan communities all around the nation by using sports as an entry point to support a community for a period of time.

The founder, Jonathan Da Silva, told the media that BantuBet is a proud African company that is rooted in a sense of community and that it operates a little bit differently.

BantuBet is a proud African company grounded in a sense of community, and we do things a little bit differently.

This is one of the reasons we chose Kenya as our first market outside of Angola. We are sure that the mature, sport betting savvy, Kenyan audience will appreciate the entertaining online betting experience we provide, at international standards, together with our own, African vibe, which we bring to our amazing street sports tournaments among other BantuBet initiatives.

Jonathan Da Silva Founder BantuBet

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The vibrant street football and street basketball events, which have become a fan favorite in Angola, attract over 20 teams per tournament and award large cash prizes to the winning teams. They are supported by entertainment from the hottest current musical artists and DJs.

The company places great value on offering this priceless exposure to the youth participating in the street tournaments and ensures the presence of leading national football or basketball players, trainers, managers, and sports journalists who keep an eye out for undiscovered talent. As a token of gratitude to fans and members of the host community, BantuBet offers food supplies, drinking water, wheelchairs, medical supplies, and cash donations.

Gabriel Musyoka, BantuBet’s Operations Manager Kenya

Gabriel noted that the company’s community-focused Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) plans for Kenya are in line with the regulations established by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB). He also stated that BantuBet is dedicated to collaborating with the BCLB for the benefit of Kenyans and that the company aims to create direct and indirect jobs through the street tournaments, providing chances for the host community to profit from protocol, logistics, security requirements, and other revenue-generating activities presented through the tournaments.

Jonathan Da Silva emphasized once more that BantuBet’s dedication to the neighborhood extends above and beyond philanthropy. Being Africans themselves, the company’s founders founded BantuBet with the goal of empowering the continent and its people via creativity, innovation, and possibilities. The term “Bantu” has strong cultural importance in Africa. There is a lot of enthusiasm as BantuBet sets its sights on Kenya because of the beneficial effects it will have and the chances it will provide for local communities and gifted youth nationwide. Bantubet Street Football Kenya

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