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betPawa Uganda Partners With Futsal Association Uganda

betPawa Uganda has officially launched its partnership with the nation’s fastest-growing indoor football activity, futsal.

This occurs against the backdrop of the collaboration with the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA), the nation’s football governing body, which was signed in September and involves the umbrella sponsorship of three football properties, including the futsal competition. The betting brand takes on the role of headline sponsor under this new sponsorship agreement.

Ivy Igunduura, the Country Marketing Manager at betPawa, stated that the cooperation intends to expand the vision for the development of futsal in Uganda.

She stated that this will be accomplished by supporting the expansion of the Futsal Association of Uganda’s brand recognition among players, coaches, club owners, supporters, and foreign organizations involved in the sport.

betPawa Uganda Futsal Partnership

As Uganda’s official football partner, our partnership with the federation is focused on creating equal opportunities for both the well established leagues and the nascent ones, hence our being here today to unveil our plans for futsal.

We want to work closely with the futsal community in Uganda, which includes fans and players, among others, to develop initiatives that promote the growth and development of this game in the country. One of the major positives from our engagement will be a direct benefit to the players through the betpawa Locker Room Bonus.

Ivy Igunduura, Country Marketing Manager betPawa

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betPawa Locker Room Bonus (LRB), a mobile money payout, is made to players on the winning team who are selected for the squad each match. Before they exit the stadium following each triumph, it is sent to their phones.

A portion of the UGX 1.18 billion will be applied to the betPawa Locker Room Bonus, as per the terms of the umbrella agreement that was struck in September between FUFA and betPawa. Every game their side wins during the season will earn UGX 150,000 for each player selected for the match-day roster.

It is truly an honour to have a big brand such as betPawa throw its weight behind a fairly new type of football here in Uganda and Africa; because most sponsors just want to go for the 11-a-side football played on the outdoor pitches since it is more established.

Hamzah Jjunju, President Futsal Association of Uganda

Jjunju continued by saying that the betPawa Futsal League’s assistance will positively impact other areas of the game, including the development of infrastructure for the sport, the diversification of football talent, and the chance to propel futsal to a global level.

Aside from these new features, the betPawa Futsal League will also provide prizes for player of the season, most assists, best goalkeeper, coach, and young player of the season. All 16 of the league’s participating teams received kits from betPawa at today’s partnership kick-off ceremony.

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