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Damaged undersea cables slow Internet speeds in South Africa

According to information obtained by MyBroadband, internet access to South Africa has been impacted by breakage in the South Atlantic 3 (SAT-3) and West African Cable System (WACS) undersea cables. Undersea Cables South Africa

Details regarding the incident were provided by two reliable people who wished to remain anonymous since they weren’t permitted to speak to the media. According to reports, a rock fall in the Congo Canyon caused the cracks.

The breakdowns happened between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Cameroon, according to the Coherent Optical Time Domain Reflectometer used by the systems to determine distance.

SAT-3 was cut on Sunday morning, while WACS went down later in the day, according to network status reports.

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For deep-water repairs, the cable-laying ship Leon Thévenin has been called into service. MarineTraffic notes that the ship, which had been traveling from Cape Town for ten days, arrived in Mombasa, Kenya, yesterday. It seems unlikely that the break will be repaired quickly.

Openserve, the wholesale fixed-line branch of Telkom, verified the breaks and stated that it was coordinating with its consortium partners to make it easier to repair the cables.

The impact on our network is limited to customers on the international private leased circuits (IPLC) services.

Openserve said.

Due to our investment in additional international cable capacity, the Openserve network is still stable; therefore, all Openserve IP Transit services (WebReach) traffic has been automatically re-routed to guarantee our customers’ uninterrupted connectivity. Openserve said that the consortium has not provided a formal repair timeline. Undersea Cables South Africa

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