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The Worlds First eSports Island Under Constraction in Abu Dhabi!

Abu Dhabi, the flourishing emirate known for its grandeur and innovation, is poised to make waves in the global gaming scene. Abu Dhabi is embarking on a groundbreaking project: the world’s first eSports island.

Planned as a sprawling 500,000 square meter district, this visionary initiative aims to create a gaming paradise unlike any other. Spearheaded by True Gamers, a renowned esports lounge network, the $280 million development promises to revolutionize the gaming landscape in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Abu Dhabi’s esports island will be a home to True Gamers eSports club, a cutting-edge facility with professional training centers and the TG Arena for hosting international tournaments. The project will recognize the growing gaming community in the Middle East, offering a luxurious hotel experience with unique amenities like PUBG-style parachute check-ins. The island will represent a strategic investment in the region’s youth, providing top-tier gaming amenities and innovative programs like the GG Bootcamp for performance optimization.

Anton Vasilenko, CEO and co-founder of True Gamers, said,True Gamers conducted a comprehensive market analysis of the MENA region’s eSports landscape and the global eSports industry’s growth trajectory before developing plans for the eSports island. This in-depth analysis gives us confidence that the proposed business model will be instrumental in bringing eSports Island to life.”

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