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Evona Launches a new Crash Game-AVION!

Evona Electronic a company that develops products and solutions in the betting software industry. Has announced its latest release; The crush game Avion.

Coming up with Avion, Evona had to come up with a creative crash game that would align with the industry standard and create a new player-base. AVION has penetrated various markets already with its easy-to-use interface and simple logic behind the game.

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How Does Avion Work!

AVION is considered a game of chance or risk, you play it by entering your bet amount and an automated cash-out multiplicator in case you forget to end your bet manually. The airplane will fly toward the moon continuously until it crashes at a random time. The higher it gets, the higher the chance of it crashing.

If you cash out before the airplane crashes, your bet will be multiplied by the current number the graph displays at the time you cash out. Your bet will be lost if you do not cash out before the airplane crashes. You cash out your bet by pressing the cash-out button before the airplane crashes or automatically when the number of the graph reaches the threshold you entered as an automated cash-out. The players also have the option to catch real-time bets and cash-outs, and their bet history is available through the menu of the game.

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