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Gambling in Tanzania: A beneficial or detrimental good for society?

There are conflicting views on gambling in Tanzania, which has proven to be beneficial for the government and some businesses while causing problems for others who are involved in it. Gambling Tanzania GBT

According to the Gaming Board of Tanzania (GBT), revenue from the gaming sub-sector climbed to Sh140 billion during the fiscal year 2021/22 from Sh132 billion in the year prior. James Mbalwe, director general of GBT, ascribed the rise to the tight enforcement of gambling laws and regulations.

There are strategies in place in the current financial year to increase revenue by fighting illegal slot machines and online gambling, which are holding back growth.

he said.

Following our research at, the sector has produced at least 20,000 direct and indirect jobs.

According to Mr. Mbalwe, GBT is running numerous programs to encourage responsible gambling, especially among young people.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that betting is extremely addictive, it is now being promoted everywhere, with practically all radio stations in Tanzania either operating their own gaming businesses or promoting gambling through paid commercials.

Given that gambling is constantly advertised on television and radio, it is not unexpected that a sizable portion of the population today thinks that gambling is the simplest method to make money. Nowadays, the majority of radio stations convince their listeners to part with “only TSh1,000 (Tsh)” in exchange for the possibility to win hundreds of thousands or, in some cases, millions of shillings.

The stories of people like Peter Mwamba*, whose lives have been ruined by gambling, are kept tightly under wraps, but the “winners” are frequently given exposure to express how pleased they are and persuade more listeners to join the party. Gambling Tanzania GBT

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Peter was forced to close his bar after losing all of his money in gaming. He started gambling when he was 30 years old and living in the Katavi Region’s Mlele District,

He claims that the pub had slot machines that daily drew a sizable number of young people.

I was betting too. My employees were betting as well. That is why my business collapsed only eight months after it was opened.

At first, I felt I was in control, but as the days went by, it became an addiction. I tried to kick the habit, but to no avail…I was hooked,” Adam says. Not surprisingly, his capital went down the drain and he had no choice but to close the business.

Peter narrated.

He remembers winning TSh1.8 million all at once last year, and he continued to bet because he thought he could win even more.

The amount that I won was much more than the average monthly net earnings from my business. I believed that I could win even bigger amounts, and gambling wiped out my capital and savings as a result.

he continued.

John M,usila*, 29, who started placing bets on sporting events when he was 21 years old, claims that gambling is only for fun.

I’m not addicted. I do it responsibly, considering the fact that I have a family that depends on me.

he says.

Prof. Aurelia Kamuzora, an economist at Mzumbe University, contends that gambling should be seen as a tool for economic growth rather than a social ill.

Betting stimulates money circulation…betting companies need to re-invest the money they earn for the activity to make economic sense.

she says.

Betting, according to Dr. Lutengano Mwinuka of the University of Dodoma, has benefits and drawbacks.

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He claims that while it is a source of tax money for the government, it also fosters a culture of laziness in which the majority believes they can get wealthy by gambling.

Advantages are fewer than disadvantages. The government should consider imposing more taxes on betting in order to discourage people from gambling.

adds Dr Mwinuka.

However, Mr. Mbalwe contends that gambling should be viewed as an immoral kind of entertainment.

Veteran journalist Jenerali Ulimwengu has stated that it is regrettable that an increasing number of young people choose shortcuts like gambling over working hard to gain money.

However, Emmanuel Tutuba, the permanent secretary of Finance and Planning, claims that gambling is permitted practically everywhere in the world because it is just a game like any other.

It’s a game in which a person uses their brain. If one wins, they get money that can be re-invested. If they lose, the betting company gets money that can be re-invested. Whether betting is good or bad is all rooted in perception. It’s like boxing or beauty contests, which some people view as good, while others see them as bad.”

he says.

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