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Zambia Revenue Authority Raising Low Tax Revenue from Slots Businesses

According to the Zambia Gaming Association (ZGA), few operators of slot machines in the nation comply with tax laws. Zambia Revenue Authority Slots Tax

Association Chairman Noah Malungila remarked in an interview with Money FM News that the taxes being collected are lower than those from slot machines, which are legal in Zambia, depriving the government of much-needed money.

Mr. Malungila stated that a lot of people have joined the industry yet they are not being tax complaint as most of them are operating without licenses from Ministry of Finance.

We are trying to check on compliance in terms of ZRA payment because it has come to our attention that machines which are in operation and whatever is collected in terms of taxes is less than the number of machines in Zambia. We want to compel them to pay and assess the situation on the ground so that maybe any time from now, we need to have a meeting with ZRA and the local authorities so that we are able to report what is happening on the ground.

Mr. Malungila noted that despite the gaming business having over 37 companies and more than 10,000 slot machines nationwide, the government is not doing anything to collect taxes from the industry.

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According to Mr. Malungila, the Association is currently on the Copperbelt looking for information about how many operators have entered the market without licences in order to demand payment from them to the Ministry of Finance.

So we are trying to talk to the members to know who have come in because there are some other people who have joined the industry who are not being tax compliant, they don’t have license from the Ministry so those are the people we have targeted.

The Association has recently requested that the government, through the Ministry of Finance, lower taxes for slot firms from K500 to K250 in order to help Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) successfully collect money from the more than 10,000 slot machines spread across the nation. Zambia Revenue Authority Slots Tax

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