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How to keep your players engaged during the premier league break

The England premier league which enjoys quite a big audience across the African continent is coming to a tail end on the 28th of May, 2023. It is expected to resume again on 12th August 2023. Such breaks are usually a big blow to the Sports betting industry in Africa where the sport is highly prevalent. As an operator, how will you remain competitive in the industry during this period?

It is estimated that more than a billion people watch the Premier League, with 260 million of them living in Africa. It is also true that most of them are involved in gambling activities on various gaming sites. These players need to be engaged lest the industry loses a sizable amount of money during this period when the number of events punters would potentially wager on is quite limited.

Every Sportsbook and casino in Africa should ask itself this question therefore; “is your platform flexible, strong, and diverse enough to remain afloat even during the 3-month off-peak season? as the premier league takes a break, what can you do to ensure that punters are spending more time and money on your platforms?

Another question is, “What else do you give your players besides live and sports games? Do you offer live virtual, casino, slot, and esports games to keep your gamers occupied whenever their favorite teams in the EPL are not playing?”


There are several measures to keep in check as we head to the break. Further questions you should ask yourself as an operator include. Is your platform modernized and easy to navigate? will it “hang” when people storm it to play on virtuals and other games that are mostly known to be heavy and consume more data?

As if that is not all, you must check your company’s user interphase. “Is it appealing appearance-wise?” What about the user experience on your site? “It is top-notch?” What many sportsbooks don’t put in mind is that the physical appearance of their site matters a lot as well as the ease of navigating the website. If you don’t like it, it’s advisable that you rebrand it. A good brand name, site colors, and user platform would automatically drive more clients to your site.

The simplicity of the site is also a major factor that cannot be overlooked. “Is it easy for gamblers to locate the games they are looking for and all the necessary options to place on?” This is a significant issue because 90% of industry players across Africa have configured their platforms so that sports events always appear on the homepage locations of their websites.

This is particularly true of the slider sections, where bookmakers frequently highlight promotions for sporting events. This shouldn’t be the case during the premier league off-season period; rather, more airtime should be devoted to non-sporting events.

Your sportsbook will also benefit greatly from having a flawless, easy-to-use platform with a choice of products to serve players even when games are not in progress. To win the hearts of these gamers who will flock to your site to play their favorite games, bookies should also make sure that deposits and withdrawals are done swiftly, that customer care is quick and effective, and that they provide other services of the utmost importance.

What to work on

  1. Platforms

You will need to ensure that your site is hosted on some of the most efficient platforms. Most organizations that are involved in developing platforms have now come up with solutions that are tailor-made for the African market.

You must therefore do thorough research to see which one best meets your needs so that you can adopt it before the premier league break. For guidance on the best platforms, speak to igaming Afrika

  1. Games

To get more gamers to your website, your platform must offer the top games available. Of course, it is best to have a variety of games from various developers and genres, such as slots, lotteries, etc. You should also be aware of the kinds of products that are now preferred in Africa and include all of them on your platforms.

For instance, crash games have become very popular recently both in Africa and the rest of the world. Taking into account the fact that these products use less data, provide the user greater control over their gambling experience, and are quick and simple to play. Thus, you really need to get such products. Talk to us at for recommendations on the best crash games you can add to your platforms.

  1. Streaming Experience

All the products on your website must meet high standards, and you must take into account the devices or gadgets that the majority of gamblers in Africa use in accessing your platforms. Despite local governments’ efforts to address this issue, data and internet penetration remain significant problems in the majority of African nations.

A big percentage of the population is still left behind. It is advisable therefore to make sure that the games you have on your website are lite and use little data. This will guarantee that players on your site have a seamless gambling experience.

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