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Industry Education Key to Unlocking Gaming Industry Potential: Adekunle Adeniji

In an exclusive interview, Adeniji Adekunle, CEO of 9jawin, emphasized the importance of industry education for players in the gaming industry. According to Adekunle, the more educated players are, the better positioned they will be to take the industry to the next level. He believes that education is key to unlocking Nigeria’s full potential in the gaming industry.

Adekunle noted that people are now more enlightened about the industry than ever before. This increased awareness is a significant step towards progress, but he believes that there is still more to be done.

“The more educated the players are, the better for the ecosystem itself,” he said. “By educating themselves about the industry, players will be better equipped to navigate the complexities of the market and make informed decisions about their businesses.”

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The importance of education in the gaming industry cannot be overstated. With a lack of knowledge and understanding, players may struggle to compete with international companies and may miss out on opportunities for growth and success.

Adekunle’s emphasis on industry education highlights the need for players to stay ahead of the curve and continually develop their skills and knowledge.

By prioritizing education, gaming companies can increase their chances of success and contribute to the growth of the industry as a whole. As Adekunle noted, education is essential for taking the industry to the next level.

With a focus on learning and development, Africa can establish itself as a major player in the global gaming market.

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