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Koretbet Advancing Gambling through Cryptocurrency and AI

Live sports betting and the use of cryptocurrency as a form of payment are among the top features Koretbet offers. Sylvester Odion, the managing director of Koretbet, emphasized how the betting platform is driven by AI that analyzes betting possibilities and gives users advice on the odds associated with their bets, lowering the danger of losing.

Speaking in Lagos during a celebration for Koretbet’s re-launch and the news of its association with the Italian football team Napoli, Ehiaguina said that roughly 60 million Nigerians of all ages, but particularly those between the ages of 18 and 50, bet every day.

According to Harrison Ehiaguina, Chief Marketing Officer of the recently launched online betting site Koretbet, Nigeria’s booming gambling market is worth roughly $2 billion.

Ehiaguina, who was endorsing the growing tendency of gambling among Nigerians, claimed that gambling, like other markets, is a significant sector.

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He claimed that Nigerian youth are not sufficiently empowered in Nigeria and described betting as a means of spreading wealth.

He said Koretbet is an indigenous firm and “everything Koretbet is correct. He said that on the Koretbet platform, there are many options for customers. “Whatever you bet, there is a chance of winning “, he said.

At the occasion, the Chief Priest of Cubana congratulated Koretbet on its relaunch and stated his desire to work with them to achieve success. Korede Adeyemi, the chairman of Koretbet, responded by expressing his gratitude and excitement for the collaboration.

With improved odds, unique promos, and a safer betting environment, Koretbet’s relaunch and collaborations herald a new era for sports betting in Nigeria.

Other management personnel who expressed confidence in Koretbet’s offering stated that the company is prepared for competition and has ambitions to expand internationally.


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