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Lucky Player Predicts 16/17 Correct Games, wins Sh20.8m Bonus in the SportPesa Mega Jackpot

In an incredible stroke of luck, a Kenyan man has just won a staggering sum of money in the SportPesa Mega Jackpot. With a single ticket, he managed to accurately predict 16 out of 17 results in this week’s jackpot games, earning himself a bonus prize of Sh20,834,231.

The news comes just days after another lucky winner, Esbon Macharia, won a breathtaking Ksh27,041,645 in the Midweek Jackpot.

The SportPesa Mega Jackpot has been growing steadily since May, and now stands at an astounding total of Sh340,484,016. This means that the lucky winner’s massive windfall is only a fraction of the overall prize pool, which will continue to increase until someone finally claims it.

While the identity of the winner has not yet been revealed, an undisclosed number of players also managed to match 15 out of 17 correct predictions. These individuals will each receive a handsome prize of Sh305,705.

Additionally, participants who correctly predicted 14 out of 17 games will be rewarded with Sh37,233, while those who got 13 and 12 predictions right will receive Sh6,403 and Sh1,829 respectively.

This thrilling news has sent a wave of excitement throughout the nation, as everyone eagerly waits for the names of the winners to be unveiled. It is always heartwarming to hear stories of regular people hitting big jackpots and experiencing life-changing moments. Kenyans recall the historic victory of Samuel Abisai, who became the first person in the country to win the Mega Jackpot, earning an astonishing Sh221 million. Sportpesa Mega Jackpot Bonus

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SportPesa has become a household name in Kenya, offering exciting opportunities for sports enthusiasts to test their knowledge and win big. The Mega Jackpot captures the attention of millions, and every week, hopeful players buy tickets in the hopes of joining the elite ranks of jackpot winners.

As the Mega Jackpot prize continues to soar, there is a sense of anticipation in the air. Will this week finally see the jackpot being claimed, or will it keep accumulating until it reaches even more mind-boggling heights? Sportpesa Mega Jackpot Bonus

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