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Maha Otu’s Call to Action for Women in the African Gaming Sector

In a recent interview with iGaming AFRIKA, Maha Otu, Director of Betwinner in Nigeria, emphasized the importance of women improving their expertise in the gaming industry to meet the demands of the evolving sector.

Maha’s advocacy for women’s inclusivity and engagement echoes a crucial message for all aspiring professionals: the need to continuously enhance skills and put oneself out there.

“We need to improve on our expertise as well so that we can have the required skills needed by the industry. We need to put ourselves out there.”

As the gaming industry continues to grow and innovate, the demand for individuals with specialized skills and expertise is on the rise. Maha’s call serves as a reminder for women in the gaming sector to take charge of their professional development and seek opportunities to expand their knowledge and capabilities.

By investing in personal growth and staying up-to-date with industry trends, women can position themselves as valuable assets in this competitive field. Maha Otu

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Maha was also thrilled to express her excitement about being featured on the cover of the inaugural issue of iGaming AFRIKA Magazine. The issue delves deep into industry trends and insights, showcasing interviews and articles from prominent figures in the African gaming sector.

“I thank iGaming AFRIKA for this opportunity and for finding me worthy of being the beautiful face of the cover.”

Additionally, she called on companies to provide more opportunities for women, particularly in executive positions.

“Women need to be given that opportunity to create diversity and inclusion in the industry diversity and inclusion in the industry.”

Her call for increased opportunities for women, particularly in executive positions, highlights the importance of creating a more inclusive and diverse industry.

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