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Mchezo Partners with The Rwanda Tennis Federation to support sports development in Africa

Mchezo, a Rwandan-based company, took to social media the other day to announce its partnership with the Rwanda Tennis Federation to support sports development in Africa. Also the owner of the betPawa brand, Mchezo is focused on investing in the future of sport and technology in Africa.

In the support of African talent, the company has seen the likes of Lesotho’s taekwondo ace, Michelle Tau, go under their wing and she is now participating in the Olympics. Nurturing and identifying the African talent is the core value of Mchezo ltd. In relation to this Mchezo took to its socials and especially LinkedIn to post,

“The sports industry is a significant contributor to the world’s economy, accounting for about 3% of the global GDP. Despite Africa’s abundance of world-class athletes and their crucial role in generating global wealth, the sports sector in Africa only contributes 0.5% to the continent’s GDP.To address this issue, we need to invest in infrastructure development and offer support to our talented athletes. With the right investments and support, we can help our athletes reach their full potential and boost the contribution of the sports industry to Africa’s GDP.”

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The key reason why Mchezo has partnered with Tennis Rwanda Federation is to uplift the sport to international levels. They aim to do this by Providing youth tennis players access to training programs that integrate both soft and technical skills. More over, Certifying coaches to effectively manage both youth and professional tennis players. Lastly , Facilitating exchange programs with academies, and enabling access to regional and international competitions for players.

Mchezo believes Sports have the power to empower young people, boost tourism, and create job opportunities. Every investment in sports has a lasting impact on the future, shaping the destinies of individuals and fostering a sense of pride that transcends time.

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