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Exclusive: Q&A Interview about WA.Africa

WA.Technology has been putting in significant effort to increase its growth and reach in Africa. One of these efforts includes a joint venture with NE Group. iGaming AFRIKA conducted an exclusive interview with Tim Scoffham from WA.Technology and Imran Bukhari, the CEO of NE Group, to explore the significance and impact of this partnership, key features of their platform and future growth projections for WA.Africa.

WA.Technology and NE Group recently announced a joint venture. Why did you decide to work together, and can you tell us a little about each company?

Tim Scoffham: WA.Technology is a leading B2B provider offering a full spectrum of bespoke iGaming solutions. We specialise in customization and localisation with our WA.Sports, WA.Casino, WA.Fantasy, WA.Lottery, and WA.Platform verticals. NE Group’s experience and knowledge are ideal for our exciting WA.Africa platform.

Imran Bukhari: NE Group offers innovative, lightweight front-end solutions for engaging iGaming experiences. Our expertise in Africa complements WA.Technology’s WA.Africa platform, designed with African players in mind. This partnership is a strategic move to use our combined strengths to benefit African operators, bringing tangible results.

Why Africa?

Tim Scoffham: Africa has so much potential. We were attracted by the opportunity to introduce our tailored iGaming solutions to a new audience, made stronger by NE Group’s local expertise to meet the specific needs of African operators and their players. We aim to deliver exceptional, personalised iGaming experiences that cater to each individual brand, supported by NE Group’s local expertise.

Imran Bukhari: We know and love Africa; it’s our passion. The potential for iGaming businesses has exploded over the last couple of years. We provide companies outside Africa with the technical tools and local knowledge they need to succeed in the growing African market.

Tell us a little about the WA.Africa platform and its capabilities. What makes it so special?

Imran Bukhari: WA.Africa stands out due to its integrated approach, seamlessly combining mobile, retail, and online gaming; its strength lies in flexibility and localisation for unique African preferences. The platform ensures smooth gameplay across UI-diverse data speed environments – essential for broad accessibility in Africa.

WA.Africa includes advanced player and admin management, rich sportsbook and casino content, and practical tools such as BI reporting tools for player engagement. Its scalable architecture easily handles high user and transaction volumes. WA.Africa’s technical infrastructure, including a user-friendly CMS and affiliate system, provides a complete solution that exceeds operator expectations.

Why is a dedication to customisation so vital to WA.Technology and its clients?

Tim Scoffham: WA.Technology’s approach centres on understanding and adapting to each client. We tailor per brand and per market, crafting technically superior and culturally resonant offerings ensuring engagement and loyalty from players. This strategy ensures every brand’s individuality. Each brand has its own story. WA.Africa NE Group

We hire quality, not quantity. Our people understand local nuances and interests. Enriching our work through local experts, externally and internally, allows us to grasp the cultural subtleties that can make or break the success of iGaming platforms.

Imran Bukhari: Africa is such a diverse continent. NE Group believes in making unique contributions per client. Our strength lies in understanding each market, demographic, and local culture. We’re an African company made by Africans for Africans.

WA.Technology certainly stands out at iGaming events. Do you have any plans for African iGaming events this year?

Tim Scoffham: SiGMA Europe, ICE and SiGMA Rio were terrific. We showcased new games from WA.Fantasy and WA.Lottery at ICE and headline sponsored a special poker tournament in Rio. We’re participating in several African iGaming events, including SiGMA Africa and the BiG Africa Summit. The events are ideal for showcasing our latest developments, such as WA.Africa.

WA.Technology had many significant successes in 2023. Can you highlight some of the key moments?

Tim Scoffham: 2023 was a landmark year for WA.Technology and strategic partnerships with major operators like Supabets in Africa and PixBet in Brazil. The launch of our WA.Africa platform and the upgraded WA.Platform offered astounding technicality, scalability, customisation, and adaptability. Their AI-driven casino, enhanced back-office operations, extensive sportsbook provision, and intelligent BI reporting suites boost operators’ profit and player acquisition.

Responsible gaming is paramount. What role will both WA.Technology and NE Group play in regulation compliance?

Tim Scoffham: We are committed to upholding the highest responsible gaming standards to ensure compliance with local regulations. We’ve rapidly grown our in-house legal team and made strategic hires. We sought experienced people to enrich the team, such as Waldir Marques, our Director of Regulatory Affairs and former CEO of the Brazilian government-backed lottery syndicate CAIXA Loterias S.A.

Imran Bukhari: Similarly, NE Group prioritises responsible gaming. Our products are designed with built-in features and tools for operators to monitor and support responsible gaming. We are committed to adhering to local regulations.

Finally, can you share any exciting developments in 2024 and beyond?

Imran Bukhari: NE Group looks forward to seeing clients thrive. We’re excited about working with WA.Technology and the WA.Africa platform’s potential. We ensure our clients’ success and the satisfaction of their players across Africa. We’ll continue to develop and grow our repertoire of provisions and develop the technical advancements needed to stay at the forefront of iGaming. WA.Africa NE Group

Tim Scoffham: WA.Technology is focusing on strengthening and expanding its presence in Africa and Latam. We’re enhancing our product line and will continue to build on WA.Africa and WA.Platform’s success. Alongside new games from WA.Fantasy and WA.Lottery, our WA.Poker vertical is also receiving a substantial upgrade. We aim to continue leading the way in creative, customised, market, and brand-specific iGaming innovation, providing our clients and their players with exceptional value and entertainment.

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