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Pakakumi Full Review

Unlike a simple video slot or bingo game that one expects to meet, Pakakumi is unique since it is played in real-time. This gaming platform is known to be a crush game. The online game is about betting on a chart pattern.

Here a player is required to make predictions and place bets accordingly. For instance, one can bet 100x and predict a rise in the graph line by about 10x. This bet with result in a win of 10x of one’s bet or KSH 1000.

Gamblers are needed to stay online and active. The customers’ availability is because the graph changes in microseconds. Hence one can place bets and withdraw wins at the right moments to make profits. The maximum bet amount at a single point can be 3000 KSH.

For once, the website has added a sportsbook section called Pakakumi Sports.  

Pakakumi Security and Licensing

Pakakumi operates under Reys and Meys Limited. The Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya (BLCB) licenses and regulates the site. 

BLCB works under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act, Cap 131, Laws of Kenya. The license number is 0000438.

For the security of the players, the game employs an algorithm called Provably Fair. This Provably works so that the platform owner or the players can keep the game’s results.

Responsible Gambling

The gambling establishment prioritizes responsible gambling and endeavors to ensure that customers engage in gambling for enjoyment. To achieve this objective, the operator provides a set of inquiries that patrons can pose to fellow gamblers to evaluate their gambling behavior.

Besides, this gambling den plays a big role in controlling the playing of platers. Therefore it does not advocate for anyone under 18 to gamble on it.

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Pakakumi Jackpot

Experience the Pakakumi Jackpot, an exciting offering in the sportsbook section. Starting at KSH 10,000, this progressive prize grows every week until claimed. Bet at least KSH 100 and predict outcomes for 13 football events. 

A perfect match on all predictions grants the ultimate jackpot, shared equally if multiple winners emerge. Correctly guessing 10, 11, or 12 outcomes also earns cash bonuses. 

Secure eligibility by placing bets before match kick-offs. Official draws handle canceled, voided, or suspended games. In the case of significant alterations to more than three games, the jackpot might be canceled. Feel the thrill with Pakakumi’s jackpot extravaganza.

Bonuses at Pakakumi

Enrolled members are greeted with an incredible welcome bonus following the successful registration of their account, a generous 100% deposit bonus. Certain conditions accompany this appealing offer:

This bonus is attainable on a singular basis immediately upon the completion of the registration process. Customers need to initiate a minimum deposit of 300 KES to activate the bonus.

The ceiling limit for the bonus amount stands at 15000 KES. Once the minimum deposit is successfully transacted, the bonus funds seamlessly integrate into the customer’s account. 

Deposits and withdrawals Methods. Pakakumi

In depositing in your Pakakumi account, Various steps are followed. These steps include;

  1. Open the MPESA app on your phone.
  2. Select the option to pay the bill.
  3. Enter the business number of Pakakumi, which is 547717.
  4. Enter the account number that is given to you in Paka Kumi.
  5. After that, enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  6. Enter the MPESA PIN.
  7. Press “Send.”

It is easy for players in Kenya to withdraw since you must visit your account. Here you will find the withdrawal option, which you will click and type the wishing withdrawal amount. After that, the player will find the amount directly sent to their Mpesa account.

However, before one opts for withdrawal, the website will seek to validate their KYC details. After verification, the funds are transferred to the customer’s account.

Mobile Gaming

Pakakumi is mobile-ready to make it accessible on the go. This platform does not have a mobile app to download and install on your mobile device. 

The official website is the only domain where one can play this game. Besides, it’s easy to gamble on the gaming platform’s games on mobile browsers. You will be required to open the mobile browse and access their account.  

Customer Support

The gambling venue has a detailed FAQ section with solutions to common problems. Alternatively, you have the option to contact them through email. You can conduct them on 0743999333. For convenient support, it is available 24/7 by call.


Pakakumi, an online gambling portal for Kenya and beyond, offers easy enjoyment. Register with MPESA to access an array of games. With a sportsbook and the Crash game, big wins await. 

Choose a 13-game combo in the sportsbook for cash prizes. Bet on patterns in the Crash game and profit when the graph rises. 

Simple and legitimate, Pakakumi provides engaging and secure gambling. Quick profits are possible. If you’re in Kenya or a licensed country, this platform offers a chance for legitimate wins.

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