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Player Control, Trust, and Operators’ influence driving Crash Games Adoption

Samuel Ogechi, Sales Manager Playlogiq who describes the games as being simple, unique, and user-friendly sat down with Jeremiah Maangi, Managing Director, Bizin Africa, and Edwin Tarus, Lead Consultant, Tabro Solutions in Episode 2 of the iGaming Afrika webinars in an effort to analyze the forces driving widespread adoption for crash games. Crash Games Adoption

Why the Massive Boom of Crash Games

Player Control

Jeremiah Maangi, Managing Director, Bizin Africa is certain that with the games, players see themselves having control of their chances of winning or losing, “The population liked the games because they got to see as if they have control or the chances of winning. Control is the first factor, whereby the player determines at what times they can cash out their winnings.” he said.

The above statement was supported by one Edward Oluigbo, COO/ Head Of OperationsCOO/ Head Of Operations Superior Games, who was following the conversation closely on Linkedin, “The allure of Crash games particularly in Nigeria is not just about the fun or aesthetics but rather about the fact that it offers the ability to exercise some sort of control by being able to cash out manually.”

Edwin Tarus, Lead Consultant at Tabro Solutions came out strongly to express his thoughts on the motivating factor for the growth experienced within the industry.

One of the things that is very interesting is the games are a little bit data-friendly.

he stated.

Edwin was also impressed with the time it takes punters to play and cash out their winnings. Furthermore, the fact that the games have an appealing user interphase was another factor leading to players being attracted to the games as stated by him, “It is very entertaining to play, you enjoy the games, it is fun for sure.”

He further claims that the higher RTP (Return to Player) on the games is another factor leading to the fast growth experienced by the crash games industry. “Another factor is the RTP on these games whereby the return on the investment is a bit higher as compared to other games which have fixed odds.”

Higher RTP

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The trust factor also came into the conversation as one of the motivating factors leading to the growth. Jeremiah had the following to stay on the point. “The players tend to trust these platforms, especially for crash games because the winning chart is usually displayed on the screens for most of these games. It is therefore easier for players to track who has hit the highest odds.” he continued, “The fact that players are the ones who are determining at which point they can withdraw their winnings gives them trust in these platforms.”

Jeremiah further noted that crash games just like e-sports games can hardly be manipulated through illegal activities such as match-fixing and this leads to increased trust amongst the players.


Geoffrey Muindi posted a comment stating that the simplicity of the games is one of the driving forces behind the crash games’ growth, “The simplicity of crash games and the satisfaction of seeing numbers increase rapidly resonated with many players. I believe we are going to witness an upward growth in this kind of game especially in Africa.”

Operators’ Influence

To some extent, it is believed that operators had a role to play in realizing the growth of crash games. We, therefore, tried to understand what influence can operators have in ensuring that players play some games on their platforms.

It is true that operators have had a chance or opportunity to play a major role that has led to the growth or the massive adoption of crash games. For example here in Kenya, there were competitions whereby they were awarding players who were going to hit the highest odds.

stated Jeremiah

Edwin on the other hand is of the idea that customer education and the various social campaigns carried out by operators are some of the reasons for the growth experienced with crash games, “Operators have really played a major role when the game came in, they did some really nice customer education that was pushed up across the various digital platforms.” He adds that an additional factor is whereby operators had free-to-play options for their players to test the games without having to use real money with the aim of having their players learn how the games are played.

Jeremiah and Edwin both agreed that the choice by the majority of operators to make crash games easily accessible through their platforms has had a significant part in the high number of players that are playing the games.

Innovations and Future Trends

A couple of months after the Aviator game from Spribe took dominated the gaming industry, we have seen other organizations launch their own versions of the games. The worrying factor however is the lack of creativity and innovation in these games according to one of Klaire Muriithi.

My biggest concern is there isn’t truly a lot of innovation in these crash games. They are the same across multiple platforms. I’d encourage betting brands to demand innovation and wide breadth of games to avoid a situation where there’s uniformity that can breed dislike/boredom/players abandoning them in the long run. Crash Games Adoption

read a Linkedin Comment From Klaire Muriithi, the Brand Titan

We tried to understand from the panelists whether we can anticipate any future trends or better innovations in the sector in the coming days. “We gonna anticipate improvements, at the moment it seems like it is a bit the same in most places, but there is a huge space for innovation and creativity, and even some will end up being more localized,” stated Edwin Tarus in his response to our question on the subject matter. Jeremiah on the other hand believes that we may see technological advancements such as Jackpots, AI, Crypto, and NFTs playing a major role in how we see the crash games in the future.

Crash Games for Retail

On the question of Crash games for retail, it was evident that this might be a challenge, especially for small retailers, a factor to explain why the games are predominantly popular online.

If you would have to use terminals in your retail outlets then you would have to invest a lot of money in purchasing several terminals because one player can only use one terminal at a time.

stated Jeremiah Maangi

The above statement was supported by Joe Andrews, sales director, SIS Ltd who said, “I’d imagine operators will not like customers playing Crash Games on terminals as they will take up too much time on the terminals. This is why they don’t, or very rarely, have to stream on them.”


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On the other hand, however, Samuel Ogechi stated that there are some organizations that are already offering crash games on the retail level, ” There is a company selling a retail crash game that can support up to four players at once, I have seen it, I have seen the games.”

The Future of Crash

On the future of Crash games, Jeremiah is of the opinion that as more and more companies develop their own versions of crash games, we may see an increase in the number of features on the games that are being developed. “We don’t anticipate to see companies replicating what has already been done, and actually that is not advisable, the addition of more features will make the games even better for the players.”

Other Games to Watch

According to Edwin Tarus, Lead Consultant at Tabro Solutions, esports are more likely to follow the same growth trajectory as crash games, “We have esports, it will go through the same growth. Give it time and it will go through the same growth as that experienced with Crash Games.’ a point that was supported by Jeremiah. “Esports are going to be the next big item in the gambling industry especially here in Africa.” he continued, “Companies especially those that are doing development should put a lot of emphasis on esports.” Crash Games Adoption

Samuel Ogechi, Sales Manager, Playlogiq was also quick to note that some games such as the UK49s are also more likely to experience booming growth in the gambling industry most especially in the low season when live sports events are quite limited.

Jeremiah also mentioned the work being done by websites like Flashscore, adding that this is a positive development for the esports business and allowing users to get stats and live scores of games.

He urged additional Livescore sites to use the same approach because it will aid in the expansion of esports games.

More livescore organizations should also adopt the same strategy so that we can have the punters accessing more of this information especially player statistics because they guide the players on which side to back.

he said.

The webinar on Crash Games Boom: The Fast-Growing World of Crash Games was proudly sponsored by SIS Ltd.

Crash Games Adoption

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