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Retail Gaming Growth in Tanzania: Stimulating Factors

Retail betting shops, commonly referred to as “betting kiosks” or “betting centers,” remained a prevalent feature in the Tanzanian sports betting landscape. Tanzania Retail Gaming Shops Growth

According to the National Bureau of Statistics in 2022, the Tanzania Gaming Board has reported a total of 2,684 betting stations operating across the country, with approximately 1,344 of them located solely within Dar es Salaam.

Several factors contributed to the continued presence and growth of retail betting shops in Tanzania:

Access to Technology

The growth in physical betting shops in Tanzania or Bongo can be attributed to limited access to technology, as not everyone has easy access to the internet and smartphones.

Cultural and Social Aspects Tanzania Retail Gaming Shops Growth

Betting shops serve as social hubs in some communities, where people gather to watch sports events, discuss odds, act as meeting points, and place bets in person.

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Cash Transactions

In a country with a substantial cash-based economy, retail shops allow customers to transact in cash, which is a preferred method for many due to the high cost of withdrawal fees on mobile money.


Some individuals may have more trust in physical locations for betting, especially if they are not well-versed in online or mobile technologies.

Regulatory Environment

The Tanzanian Gaming Board provided regulations permitting both retail and online sports betting, providing operators with options to reach different segments of the market.
However, the landscape of the sports betting industry is continually evolving, and the prevalence of retail betting shops may change with time. The industry has been subject to various regulatory changes and technological advancements.

Story by: Deogratias Silayo Tanzania Retail Gaming Shops Growth

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