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Technology is the Backbone of the Gaming Industry: Oluwaseyi Oni

Oluwaseyi Oni, General Counsel at Kingmakers (BetKing), highlighted the crucial role of technology for operators in the gaming industry.

“You have so many collaborators that allow for us to be able to offer services to our users. It is a big ecosystem with different companies playing very critical roles for the products we are building.

Whether it is from the fintechs that allow users to deposit into their wallets, cyber security companies that help prevent all types of intrusions, you also have the developers that are developing different interesting gaming applications that allow users to have a great experience of the platform.”

He also emphasized the importance of gaming events that bring industry players together to facilitate learning and improvement in various aspects of doing business.

This, he stated, helps maintain a balance between profitability, responsibility, and staying up-to-date with changes and trends in the gaming sector, particularly in Africa.

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