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There is Need for Regulators Collaboration in the African Gaming Sector: Olafadeke Akeju

Olafadeke Akeju, Managing Partner of WYS Solicitors, emphasized the importance of collaboration among regulators in the African gaming sector.

She praised the formation of an association of gaming regulators, allowing operators to address common challenges faced in gaming regulation.

“Before now, every operator operated within their jurisdiction, but now we see that there is an association of gaming regulators coming up,” stated Akeju.

Akeju noted the significance of involving gaming operators in conferences to ensure their voices are heard in shaping regulations. She further stressed the essential role of regulators in developing legislation that could impact operators’ performance.

“Regulators are key to the point that they could come up with legislation, laws, and policies that could hinder the performance of operators.

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Furthermore, Akeju highlighted the need to provide a platform for regulators to share their insights and collaborate with other industry stakeholders.

“It is very important that regulators are given a platform to express and share their thoughts, and opinions and to also take in the opinions of other stakeholders in the industry.”

She lastly discussed the importance of spotlighting women in the gaming industry, emphasizing the value of their contributions and the need for greater visibility and exposure. Olafadeke Akeju WYS Solicitors

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