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Responsible Gambling

Tools Kenyan Gamblers Can Use for Responsible Gaming Beyond GamStop.

Did you realize that 84% of Kenya’s youth frequently engage in online betting? The prevalence of this trend is projected to grow due to improved internet access, economic expansion, and increased availability of providers.

A vast number of Kenyans are passionate about gambling. Unfortunately, some of them might grapple with issues such as gambling addiction. For these individuals, assistance is paramount. In the absence of GamStop in Kenya, alternative tools are at their disposal, which we’ll delve into shortly.

Why isn’t GamStop accessible in Kenya?

Before we discuss alternatives, it’s crucial to understand why GamStop isn’t present in Kenya. The primary reason is that GamStop collaborates exclusively with the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and serves the UK gambling market. Therefore, its services don’t extend to other nations. It’s indeed regrettable, given the effectiveness and popularity of GamStop. In essence, GamStop assists players in taking a step back from online casinos and similar platforms. The aim is to halt online gambling activities until players can address their issues and rehabilitate.

What options do Kenyan players have?

Even though GamStop isn’t an option in Kenya, several tools are designed to offer a similar protective measure against online gambling. Below, we’ll highlight critical alternatives for Kenyan players to consider, aligning with their gaming preferences. Gemstop Alternatives

NetNanny: A Veteran in Online Safety

Launched in 1993, NetNanny is among the pioneers in online safety tools. Conceived initially as parental control software, it allowed parents to restrict access to inappropriate content, manage screen time, and more. Gemstop Alternatives .

Over the years, with continuous updates, NetNanny evolved into a more comprehensive tool. It’s now also embraced by individuals struggling with gambling addiction. The software restricts access to gambling portals, ensuring users remain safe from their impulses. It supports a range of platforms, from Windows to mobile devices and even Fire OS. However, it’s worth noting that it comes with a price tag.

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Gamban: Shielding Gamblers from Temptation

Gamban has earned its reputation as a reliable tool for responsible gambling. Once installed on your device, it acts as a barrier, preventing access to online gambling sites. While primarily available for Android and iOS, desktop users aren’t left behind, with versions for both Windows and Mac. Upon activation, there’s no circumventing its restrictions—even UKGC-licensed casinos under GamStop are off-limits. While not free, Gamban offers a 7-day trial period, enabling users to gauge its effectiveness for their needs.

BetBlocker: A Free Ally for Gamblers

Originating from Scotland, BetBlocker stands out not just for its effectiveness but also because it’s free of charge. And yes, Kenyan players can utilize it without any costs, too. Installation and configuration are quick, taking under two minutes. Once active, the software denies access to many betting and gambling platforms.

With its ever-growing database, currently blocking over 85,000 sites and serving more than 70,000 users, BetBlocker is on a trajectory to become even more influential. Its free-to-use model and its efficacy make it a favorite among many, including Kenyan players.


Interestingly, the minimum licensing duration for BetFilter is six months, mirroring GamStop’s shortest period. During this span, users can’t lift the imposed ban. So, bypassing this exclusion is virtually impossible, regardless of your tech prowess. Compatible with various devices—from smartphones to tablets and computers—BetFilter ensures a gambling-free experience across the board.


While GamStop caters exclusively to the UK gambling community, Kenyan players need not feel left out. Numerous efficient alternatives can help curb online gambling tendencies. As highlighted, while some tools come with a cost, others are available for free. Individuals should explore the options presented, gauging which aligns best with their needs for a responsible online experience. Gemstop Alternatives. Gemstop Alternatives

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