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TvBet Announces Plan for Rebranding its Visual Identity

TvBet, a global provider of live games, has announced the rebranding of its visual style due to the challenge of adapting its visual identity to modern platforms and communication channels. TvBet Rebranding Visual Identity

According to the company, a distinct corporate brand is meant to strengthen the company’s main positioning characteristics and promote external communications. The company’s current name would, however, be retained.

TVBet CEO Peter Korpusenko recently spoke with the SBC group about the move, During the interview, he demonstrated the necessity for a change in their brand image.

In the chat at the SBC Summit in Barcelona, Peter outlined TVBET’s new stage of development: rebranding and a new identity that will be implemented gradually.

As you may have already noticed, we presented our company in an updated style at recent exhibitions. Today, I am pleased to inform you that we are launching the first stage of our rebranding, which concerns our “look” at expos, our social networks and promotional materials. Already at the upcoming event in Barcelona, you will be able to get to know the new TVBET style better, and be sure to visit our social networks.

As for the second stage, we will please our clients and partners more because it will affect all available materials on our partner’s disk, as well as our lobby, thumbnails, logos and frames. This stage is under development, and soon, we will notify everyone about when it is due to start.

said Peter Korpusenko, Ceo TvBET

The new TvBet brand would convey modernity, usability, quality, and dependability while taking into account the unique characteristics of the betting and gambling markets, as well as the brand reputation and its results-oriented mindset. TvBet Rebranding Visual Identity

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The CEO of the company also praised their decision to rebrand as a critical step toward maintaining the brand’s market position in the game development world.

If we return to the very essence of these changes, then with this rebranding, we want to emphasise that TVBET is always a bright and ambitious brand. Over the years, we have managed to grow significantly, both in terms of our team, products and solutions as well as our understanding of brand marketing. And so, we finally decided to take such a significant step as rebranding. Our logo today perfectly conveys our essence – mobility, flexibility and versatility.

But our new branding closes a lot of previously open questions – brand positioning in social media, its presentation offline, and its communications within the ecosystem of products and partners. Today, our branding brings TVBET together, which allows the client/friend/partner to feel and recognise TVBET wherever they meet us.

Continued Peter.

Additionally, the new image is intended to exhibit a strong brand spirit and leadership potential. It is important to note that the new design toolkit will enable the company to focus its efforts on both B2B and B2C promotion.

We have worked long and painstakingly on every little detail of our updated brand and are happy to begin implementing it all. All the features of the new style are shown in our latest video, which will tell you everything better than me. TvBet Rebranding Visual Identity

Said Peter in his closing remarks while commenting on the new brand image for TVBet. TvBet Rebranding Visual Indentity

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