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Understand Gaming Markets Before Investing: Peter Kesitilwe Emolemo

Peter Emolemo Kesitilwe, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Gambling Authority in Botswana, emphasized the importance of understanding the gaming ecosystem in African markets before launching operations.

“If you are a new entrant, you have to understand the culture, the nature,” Peter stated. “When you enter African markets, Botswana, Kenya or South Africa, you should understand the traditions, the beliefs, the cultures.”

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He also highlighted the stigmatization of certain forms of gambling in African communities and stressed the role of gaming regulators in educating the public about the pros and cons of different types of gambling.

“There is a lot of stigma but we are addressing that through public education and public awareness,” Peter said.

According to Peter, operators should conduct thorough research and engage with local communities to ensure a better understanding of the gaming landscape in Africa and this would ultimately lead to more responsible and successful operations.

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