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Wanyonyi Defeats Mandonga ‘Mtu Kazi’ in Non-title Match

The rematch between Kenyan boxer Daniel Wanyonyi and Tanzanian boxer Karim Mandonga, often known as “Mtu Kazi,” lived up to its promise on Saturday, July 22 night. Mandonga Wanyonyi

Fans and onlookers packed the enormous boxing cathedral to get a glimpse of the gripping action as each punch had them on the edge of their seats. Chants of “dusla” and “kinguki” filled the room as the determined boxers delivered their signature fatal punches to one another.

Mandonga had a considerable number of ardent supporters who roared themselves hoarse, encouraging him to bay for Wanyonyi’s blood despite the fact that the fight was taking place away from home.

The ten-round fight’s opening round dragged on because both competitors appeared frazzled. Wanyonyi launched the attack with a right jab that connected with Mandonga’s cheek. The assault prompted Wanyonyi to launch several clean blows, to which Mandonga retaliated with slightly menacing movements that, had they reached their intended targets, could have caused the Kenyan to become unstable. In round two, Mandonga dominated because he took advantage of Wanyonyi’s carelessness to make him put his guard up.

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He nearly knocked Wanyonyi to the ground twice, which would have likely finished the bout much sooner than was anticipated given the raucous night. As he danced in his corner to the loud music filling the air while he waited for Wanyonyi to answer the round call, Mandonga, who was now in round four, was on cloud nine.

Despite the impression, neither grappler had the upper hand because each had a balanced amount of strength. As one of the ring ladies catwalks by announcing the seventh round with a placard bearing the Betika logo, Mandonga commences the following round with another fantastic dance in his corner. Mandonga witnessed “bad things” during this round after being “drunk” from Wanyonyi’s hammering dusla strikes.

In the eighth, Wanyonyi once more used Mandonga as a punching bag and pummeled the Tanzanian like a yam. The game appeared to be over until the bell rung once more. The proverbial “cat with nine lives” is Mandonga.

The ninth round was very quiet as both fighters appeared to be storing their energy for the potentially decisive final round, but once more it was obvious as day and night that Wanyonyi was in the lead.

Boom! Mandonga kisses the canvas once more in round eleven despite being down a man. Mandonga uses gripping and holding to stay relevant even after it appears to be over. The three judges agreed that Wanyonyi deserves to win.

I’m ready for a rematch any time this is possible, today I didn’t want a knockout, I was just entertaining my fans, next I’ll clear him with a knockout.

stated Wanyonyi.

Judge Wycliffe Marende receives a 100-80 rating from Judge George Athmani, followed by Judge Leonard Wanga with a 100-89 rating.

Wanyonyi has won on points, but I defeated him on knockout so I still reign supreme.

Mandonga bragged.

Mandonga Wanyonyi

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