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Ghana to Host Africa Community eCup Championship

The inaugural edition of the Africa Community eCup Championship will be hosted by the Esports Association, Ghana (EAG), in association with the Saudi eFootball Community. Esports Africa eCup Championship

The occasion will coincide with the recent launch of Konami’s eFootball 24.

The competition is intended to promote esports growth within participating communities as well as to honor the love of the game.

The event, which will take place entirely online from September 16 to 17, aims to bring together players from all around the African continent.

Gamers have till September 14 to register for the contest at no cost; registration is now open on the official EAG website, Interested players can register.

$210 in prizes are up for grabs in the Africa Community eCup Championship, which should increase the level of competitiveness and motivation. Players must enter the competition with their best effort possible given the huge stakes.

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This event is more evidence of the dedication of Ghana’s very own Esports Association to the gaming community, which has been at the forefront of advancing esports in Africa.

Their collaboration with the Saudi eFootball Community exemplifies how esports are popular all across the world, bridging geographic divides to unite players.

The tournament is a celebration of the dynamic gaming culture that is growing throughout Africa, not merely a contest.

With esports quickly gaining popularity across the continent, this competition offers gamers an important platform on which to demonstrate their prowess, make new friends, and grow the esports community.

The Africa Community eCup Championship has the potential to revolutionize the African gaming industry as a whole, not just for esports fans. The competition will undoubtedly resound with the cheers and camaraderie of players from every corner of Africa as the anticipation grows.

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